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Core Update Revealed for ‘WWE® 2K22’ | Ruri Web

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– 10 new features including a redesigned gameplay engine, new controls, and MyGM mode revealed

2K and Visual Concepts have unveiled a new core update for WWE 2K22, which will be released in March 2022.

First of all, the gameplay and animation engine has been completely redesigned so you can feel the dive, kick-out and finish come to life right next to the WrestleMania ring.

In addition, the operation method has been newly reorganized, so that the player can intuitively control all movements of the player, and at the same time, the skill utilization has been improved.

It boasts the best graphics in the WWE 2K series. The highest level of scanning and animation technology used in the NBA 2K series is applied, and the lighting operation is adjusted to create a realistic arena.

The most dynamic appearance in the history of the series allows players to feel as if they are actually in the WWE ring while playing the game.

Along with this, a new WWE 2K Showcase will be implemented, allowing players to experience and reminisce through iconic matches and moments from the legendary WWE Superstars.

MyGM mode, which was popular with fans, has also been revived, allowing you to select superstars, book games, and manage contracts to run the best sports and entertainment brand.

In addition, for the first time in the series, it is possible to directly build a legendary faction comparable to nWo (New World Order) in MyFACTION, a new mode.

Players can now collect, manage and upgrade Superstars directly through weekly events and regular updates.

In addition, through MyRISE, you will have the opportunity to experience the journey of a WWE superstar, starting as a rookie, rising to the ranks of superstars, and then becoming an immortal legend.

A universe mode has also been added, allowing you to control your brand, PPV, match results, rivals, and more, and the enhanced Creation Suite allows you to take advantage of numerous options and fantasy elements to change yourself or something else into the ring.

Further details on WWE 2K22 will be revealed in January 2022.

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