‘Ever Soul’, a collectible RPG that utilizes the strategy of the army of heroes

On the 19th, Kakao Games prepared a place to introduce ‘Ever Soul’, an anime-style collectible RPG that it plans to service at G-Star, and invited reporters to answer questions about the game.

‘Ever Soul’ is a game that collects and nurtures spirits with more than 40 different charms and adventures together. In addition to the basic elements of collectible games such as combat and fostering, there is a favorable feeling and dating system borrowed from a dating simulation game, and it consists of various contents such as a story dungeon and a estate management system using cute SD characters.

On the other hand, prior to the meeting, CEO Lee Kun of Nine Ark expressed his anticipation by saying, “It’s the first project and first meeting since the company was established.”

▲ Nine Arc Producer Chul-hee Kim, CEO Lee Kun (from left)

■ Introduction of game features

1. An easy-to-collect RPG with beautiful spirits

The various characters of ‘Ever Soul’, implemented in colorful 3D graphics, communicate with users by making eye contact and fighting together on the battlefield, delivering a more realistic and lively feeling. In addition, by grafting the neglect system to the character collection element, neglect compensation can be obtained even in an offline state, so you can easily grow even if you are not connected to the game.

2. Strategic battles with different results depending on character combinations and formations

More than 40 different spirit characters appear in ‘Ever Soul’. The characters are divided into a total of 6 races, and there is a synergistic relationship between the races. In addition, depending on the various role groups and types, the roles performed in battle are different, and each character has unique skills and ‘ultimate’, so appropriate strategies and tactics are required.

In addition, since the buffs applied to the party vary depending on the race combination and formation type, it is fun to think about the appropriate combination and arrangement according to the opposing faction.

3. A story that ‘I’ and the spirit make together

In ‘Ever Soul’, you can form a deep attachment with a spirit character and build a relationship. Users will create a story with a different ending depending on which story they choose with the spirit character they have chosen. This structure gives the feeling of enjoying a dating simulation, forming a deep bond between the user and the character and creating a special relationship.

■ Q&A

Q. Please briefly introduce the genre and concept of ‘Ever Soul’.

‘Ever Soul’ is a collectible RPG featuring beautiful animation-style graphics. Players can summon spirits from relics all over the world, and they can engage in strategic battles with these summoned spirits.

Q. What is the release date?

It is under development with the goal of release in 2022, and it seems that the specific timing should be discussed with the Kakao Games working team. Once confirmed, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Q. What is the development period and development progress?

Four years ago, while discussing ‘I want to make a game like this’ with PD Kim Cheol-hee, I set the frame for ‘Ever Soul’. Full-scale development started in September 2019. Currently, I think it is about 80% complete, and in order to show users a better image, only the final polishing work is left for fun.

Q. Could you please introduce Nine Ark?

Nine Ark is a developer company with developers from Endorz. Developers who have been working as a team for more than 10 years since Atlantica have gathered, and now about 70 people are working. Founded in September 2019, it was built with the meaning of September’s Ark with the meaning of going on a trip to the new world in September and showing the fun of the game going to the new world.

Q. In what regions, including Korea, are you planning to service?

There is no set country yet, and we are making a game that can be enjoyed in any country and can be enjoyed beautifully.

Q. It is characterized by animation-style graphics, but when designing the world view or character of ‘Ever Soul’, what was the key word?

The ‘Ever Soul’ project is a common folk tale all over the world, and there are things that souls dwell in old objects such as brooms, hats, and manggies. It started with the idea of ​​what it would be like to have a body.

It is set in a world where we live in harmony with the spirits who have descended into reality with this substance, but in the middle of that, some kind of event causes humans to leave the earth on the ark, leaving only the spirits. Then again, the story of the main part of ‘Ever Soul’ begins as the humans return on the ark.

Therefore, if I were to pick a keyword, I would say that there are three things: relics, spirits born from relics, and the ark, which can be said to be the beginning of all events.

The most important thing to think about while designing the character is the core of a collectible RPG, and it was the part about which character the player would like to have. Based on these concerns, we designed the character and worldview with an emphasis on creating attractive characters.

Q. What is the unique characteristic of ‘Ever Soul’ that differentiates it from other collectible RPGs?

There are three things, the first is graphics. The second part is about the strategy that has been honed in the Legion of Heroes. Third, I think that the most important thing in a collectible RPG is attachment and interest in the character, so a favorable feeling system is put in so that they can immerse themselves in it, and various options are provided to the player. made it possible Through this affinity system, I think the player will connect with the character and become more attached to it.

Q. In addition to the content introduced above, please briefly introduce what kind of content is being prepared.

There are various contents, but dungeon seems to be a representative example. It is a content that started with the desire to provide users with a new experience beyond the typical collectible RPG. Players can enjoy various things within the dungeon by manipulating the character. Solve puzzles and solve gimmicks to battle, and when a spirit dies, you have to strategically decide which spirit to resurrect. We hope that this will give you a different experience from the previous games.

Q. There is a strong perception that if you set up a developer, you will continue your existing experience or know-how in the field you were good at. Is there any special reason for planning this game?

We started with the intention of doing what we are good at, so it is a bit embarrassing to say that it is not out of the ordinary. It seems to be because only the video is released now, but there are a lot of things in common. A typical example is the part about strategic battles. A lot of the know-how accumulated while developing the Legion of Heroes, Atlantica, and Embracing the Three Kingdoms has been incorporated into ‘Ever Soul’. If you play the game later, I think you will remember the previous work.

Q. Looking at the video, it feels more like a PC rather than a mobile version, are there any plans for a PC version or multi-platform?

It was made with the goal of providing the best graphics of a collectible RPG. I aimed for a game that I wanted to play as soon as I saw it. We have not yet thought about the PC version or multi-platform, and we are preparing for scalability.

Q. In the case of Atlantica, I remember it was quite difficult. I heard that there are a lot of things in common, but I think there are many users who came in because of the pretty graphics of ‘Ever Soul’, but couldn’t get used to the spicy taste and left.

Atlantica was strategic in two ways. There are two things about placement and manipulating the characters in battle. ‘Ever Soul’ brought similar strategy related to placement, but I tried to lighten the battle itself. To explain in more detail, the battle proceeds automatically in real time, so the player only has to think about which skill to use at what time.

At first, I thought about making it turn-based, but it was too slow, so it didn’t fit the latest trends and the difficulty had to be high, so I turned to real-time combat. Thanks to this, I was able to keep the sense of speed and lower the difficulty in line with the latest trends.

Q. By grafting the idle system, you can get rewards even when offline, but I’m curious to what extent the rewards work. It’s so good, but it’s not even the exact opposite.

The number is still being adjusted, so I can’t say for sure, but the goal is to make the game a game that as many users as possible can enjoy comfortably. For example, even if you don’t play the game for 4-5 hours in a row, I don’t think you’ll lose a lot of money thanks to the idle system.

Q. I wonder if there is a special reason for pursuing bright graphics unlike previous works.

In the case of previous works, a lot of historical things were used as the material of the game. As a result, it seems that there were many people who assumed that the game was difficult and that there were barriers to entry. Just being a historical material created a barrier to entry. This is the part that I always regretted, so I made this because I wanted to make it look brighter this time.

And personally, I wanted to get away from the historical material a bit. I heard somewhere that horror game developers often shake their minds, but I was similar. As it is based on historical material, I thought that I might not be asking too much historical evidence without realizing it, so this time I pursued a bright graphic.

Q. The graphics are good, but I’m curious to what extent you set the optimization and target specifications for each model.

It may be adjusted at launch, but basically, the goal is to run smoothly on the Galaxy S7.

Q. Come to think of it, the title has changed. why did you change

It was first released under the title ‘Soul Artifact’, but when I heard it later, it was said that it was also hard. So, after thinking about whether there would be a softer title, I decided on ‘Ever Soul’ according to the opinion of producer Kim Cheol-hee.

‘Ever Soul’ is a term that refers to a spirit that can be the core of the game. In the sense of an immortal soul that lives forever, I think the title expresses the characteristics of the game well.

Q. 40 seems a lot, but when it comes to collectible RPGs, it is by no means a large number. I wonder how much you will prepare at the time of opening and what you think the ideal number is.

40 types are the number of characters that will appear at the time of launch, and will continue to be added thereafter. It will depend on the situation, but the goal is to add one species every 1-2 months. I think that the service will continue to increase.

On the other hand, I don’t think a lot of numbers are necessarily good. It’s something we keep asking the development team to make sure there aren’t any characters that we don’t use. Although the number is small as it is designed to be used in some way through a combination, various combinations are expected.

Q. You said you were going to add elements of a dating simulation, but what level is it?

It was said that a dating simulation element was included, but the essence of ‘Ever Soul’ lies in character collection. I hope that the dating system should be viewed as a device that allows the player to become attached to the spirit.

To explain in more detail, the story of each spirit’s bond continues to provide the player with a variety of options, and depending on which option is selected, it has a happy, normal, or bad ending. As various illustrations and videos are provided for each stage, this series of processes allows the player to attach himself to the character.

Q. Will there be any changes in abilities or appearance depending on the ending?

At the moment, we are not considering the ability to change depending on the story. It is to the extent of giving a reward for the appearance, and if it is a happy ending, it is to give a costume that showed an impressive appearance in the relationship story.

The dating system can be said to be a device for maintaining attachment to a character and controlling tension at the same time. No matter how interesting a game is, if you keep playing it in a tense state, you will quickly get tired. If combat raises tension, I hope you see the dating system as a system that releases it again.

Q. I think collaboration is important for subculture, but will the dating system be included in collaboration characters?

For that part, we will prepare as much as possible after considering how we will do the collaboration and the contract with the company, but it seems difficult to answer clearly here.

Q. Do spirits only have female characters?

When the spirits are first born, Adam is born and Eve is born based on Adam, but Adam was unstable, so many spirits were born based on Eve, and most of the spirits are women. Of course, this is a setting, and various types of spirits appear in the game.

However, all the spirits that the player can collect are female characters. It may change depending on the collaboration or story development, but for now it is.

Q. How is global service being considered?

Of course, we will do it together with Kakao Games. A while ago, the CEO of Kakao Games said that Season 2 would start, and I hope that the main character of Season 2 of Kakao Games will be ‘Ever Soul’.