Everyone is a Hollywood Star: This is the future of cinema

Cinemas were already considered to be critically endangered in 2021, in the middle of the pandemic. But like weeds, the desire for cinematic entertainment does not go away. A jump into the year 2042 shows how the medium reinvented itself – and why the magic of the canvas will continue to work in the future.

“Then I said to my wife, ‘For justice, we must go to Don Corleone.’” – I’m blissful, I’ve just come from the cinema. What should be special about it, you ask? It was a classic movie theater. Yes, right with rows of seats fragrant and tasty popcorn, with a projector and a screen that I sat a few meters away from.

I saw Marlon Brando play one of his most iconic roles with cotton wool in his cheeks, how a very young Al Pacino rose to become the most powerful mafia godfather in New York. And I saw that all without stress, without hectic rush. Because you know, the actual cinema entertainment here in 2042 looks a lot different now.

Future theme week at GIGA

Yes, this is a post about the year 2042. No, you haven’t made a journey through time. This contribution belongs to the theme week “The Future in 2042” on GIGA, in which we will turn our millennium by 21 years and show you what the tech and gaming world could look like in 2042.

You can find all contributions from this topic week in our special on the year 2042.

The open world of cinema

Experience films, right in the middle instead of just being there, that sounded like a promising vision in the 2000s and 2010s that gave us the 3D cinema, Dolby Atmos and IMAX screens presented technical innovations.

In the meantime we have arrived at a cinema present in which the desire for a physical experience has been driven ad absurdum. That is not a bad thing per se, things develop further and I too can definitely get my fun out of it when I suddenly neben Dwayne Johnson in „Jumanji 7“ run through the jungle

But the dimensions are gigantic. In the new “Avatar” film – it should be the eighth part – you should feel the wing flapping of the dragon-like banshee on your own body. In the new “Edge of Tomorrow” it should even be possible to be in the world of the film, based on the plot a gigantic open world but not having to follow at all.

Imagine, somewhere Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise save the world (of course he had to come back, Hollywood stop), but you don’t notice anything because you are somewhere in Polynesia. Crazy.

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Meta, Cameron and the big sweat

The change to such a form of experience that will take place today in 2042 High-tech VR movie palaces resolved happened faster than I personally expected. First Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the “new beginning” with Meta, and suddenly cinema technology veteran James Cameron – whoever else – proclaimed that it had “sat down”.

“The cinema of the future,” says Cameron in 2025, “doesn’t need armchairs anymore than Spectators are now actively participating in the action“. And so they gradually disappeared, the old canvases, and were replaced by so-called film capsules.

The principle: You hang in the construct, get the VR helmet – it started with glasses – and suddenly you can run in place without moving forward. At first it took some time in Hollywood to exhaust the narrative possibilities of the achievement.

I remember curiously watching the comedy film Open Transparency starring Jennifer Lawrence and Ryan Reynolds and just … standing by.

But than me gave the concept in “Matrix 6” another chance, I came out of the cinema after two and a half hours so incredibly exhausted that I had never experienced in my entire time in the gym (haha). From the outside, my viewing of the new “Matrix” film looked like a Cirque du Soleil performance.

Lead me to the gravel!

With ticket prices averaging 40 euros per card, it is not all that surprising that the film industries of this world the Dagobert Duck dollar sign in his eyes had and turned all storytelling on the tangible. The logic of offering the same in home entertainment could almost be dismissed with a swipe of the hand due to the logic.

It was also obvious that the whole thing could also be combined with a billion-dollar gaming industry. And I have to say that I das Sci-Fi-Gaming-VR-Action-Abenteuer-Spektakel „Apex Legends: The Movie Movie“ was very funny and to this day I still believe that it was me who saved Denzel Washington’s character from the cliff there, and that that was not part of the film. But good.

But now I tell you that the old magic is not yet lost. They still exist, the old movie theaters with the large screens and the comfortable armchairsthat ask nothing of you, except to get mentally involved in what is shown.

There is nothing wrong with “Avengers 8: The Return of the First Villain” in the spacey CinemultiVRplex. But first get the old one James Bond Classic “No Time To Die” has seen cinema in its traditional form on screen, has really experienced cinema.

And so I end at this point with a suitable quote from the film I have just come from and which fits so wonderfully into the old cinema tradition: “He’s still alive. They hit him with five shots and he’s still alive. “