Saturday, November 27

For many players, Battlefield 2042 is the worst Battlefield ever

Battlefield 2042 is officially released today. Pre-orderers were able to play the title in Early Access and found some annoying mechanics, bugs, and overall a not too satisfactory game.

EA tried to fix some of these bugs with a day-one patch, but many bugs are still present in the game. For example, there are arguably invisible walls that prevent players from reviving their teammates. You can find all open construction sites on the list of known bugs.

Battlefield 2042 cannot convince most players

Overall, players are with the current version of Battlefield 2042 (buy now € 54.99 /53,99 € ) totally unsatisfied. One look at the Steam reviews of the title is enough to see that EA still has some work to do here. This afternoon there were 8,000 user reviews on Steam, of which just 20 percent were positive.

Now that number is up almost 12,000 ratings have risen, but around 80 percent of these are still negative, which gives the game its status “Mostly negative” missed.

The most common reason for the negative rating is that the Title simply not doing well. “Battlefield 20-42FPS” writes a user. Farther The game lacks some important featureswhich the Battlefield series actually always had. Including a missing spectator mode, fewer game modes and maps than other Battlefield pieces, and there is probably a lot less choice of different weapons.

The shooter is according to the actual players not finished yet, which is extremely frustrating with a price tag of just under 110 euros for the Ultimate Edition.

If you are not yet sure whether the latest Battlefield offshoot should adorn your game library, you should probably wait a little longer until EA brings the game into a presentable state.

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