Fritzbox: Update brings professional routers up to date

An update to FritzOS 7.29 is now available for the Fritzbox 7583. (Image source: GIGA)

AVM is currently distributing a new update for the standard version as well as the VDSL variant of the Fritzbox 7583. The update on the high-end router is definitely worthwhile, even if the list of changes remains clear.


Fritzbox 7583 (VDSL): AVM distributes new FritzOS version

In the past few weeks, the German router manufacturer AVM has updated many of its models with the latest software – and surprisingly also provided an older Fritzbox with a security patch. now is the Fritzbox 7583 in the standard and VDSL variant your turn. FritzOS 7.29 is currently being distributed automatically, but can also be imported manually.

Fritz OS 7.29 is a small maintenance update, with which the manufacturer has eliminated some difficulties. Anyone who is already using macOS 12 Monterey can look forward to better compatibility, among other things. Problems in connection with a connected USB stick have been eliminated. Older peripheral devices such as scanners and printers are now also better supported by the Fritzbox 7583 (source: mall).

The update also focuses on bug fixes. After there were complaints about the availability Telephony over IPv6 there, the topic has been successfully addressed. In addition, according to AVM, encrypted telephony is now more robust against loss of connection.

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Install Fritz OS 7.29 on the Fritzbox 7583

Installation is easy. The update will be like any other Fritzbox update via the router’s user interface kicked off. Since this is not a laboratory update, AVM will automatically distribute the new firmware in the near future. Owners of the professional Fritzbox do not have to take action themselves in every case.

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