G-Star’s ‘Game Management Committee’, which worked hard on improving game awareness and education

The Game Management Committee, which participated in G-Star, actively promoted the ‘educational portal’ that is being prepared through booth exhibitions and events to industry officials and gamers. Ahead of the first pilot operation this winter, a booth operation was conducted to inform more users of this and conduct consultations.

The ‘education portal’, which is being prepared by the Game Management Committee, will be finally developed this winter and will be introduced/operated on a trial basis for the first time. The education portal provides non-face-to-face statutory compulsory education to game product-related business operators and self-rated business operators, and also provides work-related information to related local government officials.

In addition, users will also be provided with information about the game industry, such as the game industry law, usage culture, and positive impact, and useful information about the industry.

In addition to introducing the portal, the booth of the Game Management Committee continued to introduce visitors to game grading and sound game use through video screenings and events. In addition, various prizes were provided to visitors through special events at each hour, and many visitors came every hour.

▲ The Game Management Committee has set up a booth at G-Star.

▲ There is also a cute photo zone,

▲ Detailed information on the ‘education portal’ and the game classification system will be provided.

▲ There are always prizes for visitors.

▲ Disclosure of various information through video,

▲ You can also find out more in the information pamphlet.

▲ As the scheduled time approaches, the event will be held, and many people will visit.

▲ The full-scale event begins!

▲ The booth is already full. Looking at the smartphone is because the hint of the problem is given.

▲ One chance to change each number, can you open the lock?

▲ Aa…Unfortunately, I couldn’t match it.

▲ The event continues as many people visit and listen to information.

▲ Even-numbered hours give more people a chance.

▲ If the GameWee booth is this popular, it can be said that it is a good one.

▲ This time, it is an event to directly match the rating of the game.

▲ Mouse gain

▲ You must quickly identify the problem and provide an answer.

▲ Get it right and get a prize!

▲ If you have a chance, you can visit the booth of the Game Management Committee and get a lot of good information.