Google Assistant makes booking vaccination appointments a breeze

Corona warning app with valid vaccination. (Image source: GIGA)

The corona pandemic has us tighter than ever. Vaccinations are a tried and tested means of protecting yourself against illness. Getting a vaccination appointment is not always easy. Google wants to change that and is bringing the Google Assistant on board. In India it will soon be possible to book a vaccination appointment with it.


Google Assistant can book a vaccination appointment

Even after almost two years of pandemic, the whole world is still struggling with the coronavirus. The numbers are rising so rapidly in Germany that new measures have recently been decided. One way out of the pandemic is vaccination. And so that the hurdle to the vaccination appointment is lower, Google will start in 2022 with the option of booking a vaccination appointment via the Google Assistant. That is initially limited to India:

As soon as you search for a corona vaccination in the Google search engine and visit a corresponding website to book an appointment, the Google Assistant starts and takes over the work. You no longer have to find your way around the website, you can very conveniently via the tidy interface of the Google Assistant encrypted and book a vaccination appointment in several languages.

So far, this is a unique concept worldwide. If you can see how badly we are still affected by the corona pandemic even after almost two years, that would perhaps also be a good opportunity for other countries. Naturally Google is initially concentrating on one country in order to test it there and where it is not as easy as with us to have a vaccination appointment. The feature could of course also be used in other countries later.

At the moment, it is particularly important to observe the AHA rules. in the Video let’s show you what that is:

Will this function also come to Germany?

We don’t know that at the moment. If you consider that things are different in Germany in every federal state, then it would be a central contact point for vaccination appointments certainly not wrong. And if the government or the prime ministers can’t manage that, then maybe Google as the interface.

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