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– The audience response continues due to the rich booth composition including demonstrations of 9 types of entries, various stage programs, and various events.

Gravity, a global game company, has been receiving a lot of attention from visitors to the B2C exhibition hall from the first day of ‘G-Star 2021’, the largest game show in Korea to be held in Busan.

The Gravity booth was filled with visitors who visited the G-Star B2C exhibition hall on November 18th. In particular, as visitors flocked to the demonstration stage for new works unveiled at G-Star, the area around the booth was filled with people without a break.

Gravity has set up a demonstration platform for a total of 9 entries, including subsidiary titles, so that game fans who visit G-Star can directly play existing and new titles. In addition, ‘RO Quiz Show’ and ‘Ragnarok Online Quiz Revolution’ are held on the central stage, along with attractions such as ‘Capra Dance Performance’ and ‘RO Character and Capra Photo Time’, and various prizes are presented to attract many visitors. got it

In addition, the ‘RO Stamp Rally’ to enjoy while experiencing the entire Gravity booth, ‘Defeat Poringi!’, which is a surprise in the waiting zone for waiting visitors, and the ‘Trick Art Photo Zone’ with a sense of reality, etc. It was rated that For users who could not come to G-Star, it is also equipped with careful consideration to live-broadcast the situation on-site through the special Gravity G-Star website.

An official from Gravity said, “Gravity put all effort into organizing the booth and contents so that visitors can enjoy the exhibition without feeling bored.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]