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GTA Trilogy: Hardly any rock star game was rated the worse

It could have been one of the biggest releases of the year: Rockstar Games is bringing back GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas in a new edition. The recipe for a great nostalgia dream, which turns out to be a big disappointment – the international press sees it that way too.

In our test, GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition only scored 58 points due to numerous bugs and problems. You can find out where the many weak points are here:

GTA Trilogy im Test


more on the subject

GTA Trilogy im Test

In the meantime, other magazines and websites have also struggled through the trilogy and basically agree with our conclusion: The GTA classics deserve better.

GTA Trilogy in the international ranking

To express the picture of disappointment in numbers: With an average rating of 58 points at Metacritic (PS5 version) the GTA Trilogy is one of the worst Rockstar Games has ever published. Only Surfing H30 for the PlayStation 2 (Rockstar was an international publisher) and the Game Boy Advance version of Smuggler’s Run were rated even worse. With the latter, unlike the PS2 version, Rockstar Games didn’t even serve as a publisher.

the Switch-Version der GTA Trilogy Incidentally, it only got 46 points and is thus rated a whole lot lower. at OpenCritic it looks very similar, because here the package has an average rating of 54.

An almost completely disappointing picture – especially for a studio like Rockstar Games. Markus Schwerdtel finds the right words for this in his column:

GTA & Skyrim: Remasters shouldn't be like that


more on the subject

GTA & Skyrim: Remasters shouldn’t be like that

The voices of the testers

The current highest score with 80 points is given by Alberto Desfassiaux from the Spanish-language website Atomix and referred to the trilogy as a pretty good remastered of the three great PS2 classics. According to his conclusion, the emphasis is on remastered, because they would (obviously) not be real remakes.

It becomes much more critical with the Australian colleagues from Press Startwho call the three games milestones in history. Still would the more you play, the more cracks show in the pretty facade. The overall conclusion is:

If you’re getting into it, you should know that you’re having fun, but also plagued by a thought that’s more persistent than any 6-star SWAT squad – it could have been done better. That these GTAs don’t get the full appreciation they deserve ultimately feels a little criminal.

Press Start Australia

Even IGN agrees with the tenor that although these are essentially three absolute classics, the new edition does not do it justice at all. Author Tristan Ogilvie sums it up as follows:

In its current state, this collection of the three classic GTA games is far from definitive; it is flawed, disappointing, and surprisingly disrespectful to both the legacy of the games themselves and their numerous fans.


Keza MacDonald awards at the British daily newspaper The Guardian only two out of five stars and calls the package a disappointment one more time.

They are great games; not everything in them is really tasteful, not all dialogues have aged well. But they are still worth playing and preserving. Just not in this condition.

The Guardian

The worst rating so far is given by David Walters from CGMagazine. With just 2 out of a maximum of 10 points, the trilogy lands in very low valuation regions. Here not only the technical condition of the GTA Trilogy plays a role, but Walters is completely unimpressed by the playful aspects. In his opinion, the three games are just one Relic of their time.

GTA: Definitive Edition - Rockstar's greatest disgrace


GTA: Definitive Edition – Rockstar’s greatest disgrace

Now your opinion is asked: Are you giving the GTA Trilogy a chance or are you still waiting for possible improvements? Maybe you’ve already tried the trilogy? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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