GTA Trilogy: Rockstar Apologizes and Brings Back the Originals

Yes, if we were in this remaster we would look like that too.

Rock star has a blog post released by commenting on the remaster disaster around GTA: The Trilogy. They apologize for the technical problems of the new editions, promise updates with improvements and bring back the originals that were previously removed from the Rockstar PC store.

Let the mistakes be unexpectedly been in this shape and the games not in reasonable condition. Rockstar therefore praises improvement and promises patches soon:

The Grand Theft Auto franchise and the games that make up this groundbreaking trilogy are just as important to us as they are to fans around the world. The revised versions of these classics have not appeared in a condition that meets our quality requirements or the standard that our fans expect. We have ongoing plans to address these technical issues and improve each of the games. With each scheduled update, players will reach the level of quality they deserve.

Rockstar Games

The first big patch is coming soon

A extensive title update should appear in the next few days for all versions of the Remaster Collection and fix some problems. The largest are listed in our extensive test, which is also disappointed with the new edition:

GTA Trilogy Test: Definitely just the embarrassment here


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GTA Trilogy Test: Definitely just the embarrassment here

According to Rockstar, more details on the included improvements should follow soon, as well as further updates in the coming weeks.

Free for remaster owners: The originals are back

If you don’t want to be patient for that long, you can now switch back to the original versions of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas. They’ll be returning to the Rockstar Store as a bundle soon. Anyone who purchases the Trilogy by June 30, 2022, also receives the classic variants for free. Mind you, this only applies to the Rockstar Store. Anyone who has purchased the GTA Trilogy on Steam has been looking into the tube in this regard, at least so far.

They thank the fans for their patience and ask that Rockstar employees are no longer hostile to the GTA Trilogy on social media while they are working flat out on improvements.

After negative reviews, user complaints and ridicule about distorted NPC models and Regen Rockstar had unceremoniously taken the trilogy out of sale and brought it back with an initial apology. Now it continues with concrete promises that the developer wants to put into practice. Remasters are currently generally not under a good star. The Skyrim Anniversary Edition also disappointed. That has to end, says colleague Markus.