Kakao Games Adds 4 New Characters for Mobile Action RPG ‘World Flipper’ and ‘Descente Subjugation Flame Dragon’ | Ruri Web

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– 4 new character updates to add new fun to the game

– New content ‘Descente Subjugation Dragon of Flame’ is open, and you can participate in event missions until December 3rd.

On the 19th, Kakao Games Co., Ltd. (CEO Nam Goong-Hun and Jo Gye-Hyun) announced 4 new characters and ‘Descente Subjugation Fire Dragon’ in the mobile action RPG ‘World Flipper’ jointly developed by Cygames and Cygames’ subsidiary Seatail Co., Ltd. on the 19th. added

‘World Flipper’ added 4 characters through this update. ‘ 5 [강철의 늑대 시렌]’ is a military officer of the ‘land government’ that controls the land, has overwhelming charisma and has many subordinates, and ‘★5 [큰 날개의 정령사 시우에]’ is the character of a tribal shaman who lives in the frontier with spirits.

Also, it is a magician who controls water and poison and sprays poison at nearby enemies to inflict damage. [심해의 괴인 자르]‘3 [마물에게 사랑받는 자 노셀]’ was added.

At the same time, you can enjoy the new content ‘Descent Dragon of Subjugation of Fire’. ‘Descent Subjugation Flame Dragon’ is a content that subjugates ‘Ilsabatica, the Flame Dragon Dragon’ that appears for a limited time. You can exchange various equipment and growth materials through the goods you acquire after participating in the mission until December 3rd. .

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On the other hand, details about the addition of 4 new characters for ‘World Flipper’ and the addition of ‘Flying Dragon of Advent Subjugation’ can be found on the brand page and the official community.

‘World Flipper’ brand page: http://worldflipper.kakaogames.com

‘World Flipper’ Official Community: http://cafe.daum.net/worldflipper

‘World Flipper’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/wflipper_kr

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]