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Kuka Games, ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ real user BJ ‘Tae-gyu Jeon’, game tips released at G-Star 2021 | Ruri Web

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The famous game BJ ‘Tae-gyu Jeon’ visited the G-Star 2021 booth for the seasonal mobile game ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ serviced by Kuka Games and released game tips.

BJ ‘Tae-gyu Jeon’ is a BJ with a deep connection to ‘The Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’. As a StarCraft pro gamer and director, he has been broadcasting the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ game from the launch of the game by sharing longevity recommendations and key strategy tips with his high game analysis skills. In particular, in the actual season 1 of ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, he played an active role as the leader of the first-place alliance and enjoyed playing games with viewers, drawing a lot of attention from gamers and viewers.

In the booth visit program that lasted for about two hours from 3:30 pm, BJ ‘Tae-gyu Jeon’ was with gamers while explaining the play and main contents of the new season that was recently started. In addition, game tips that can be easily enjoyed even by beginners who are not familiar with the game were released, which received a great response from the audience.

In addition to this, ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ provides various videos and programs with game users, and consists of a booth for users and participation by users. At the booth site, the in-game video before the GVG Alliance provided by users, a user interview video talking about their feelings about the game, and a visit to a user creator followed.

Three Kingdoms Strategy Booth Site Image 2_BJ Jeon Tae-gyu Broadcast Image.jpg

Three Kingdoms Strategy Booth site image 3_Ingain battle video directly provided by users.jpg

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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