Legendary level new support type character ‘Cynthia’ revealed! Defense War: Destiny Child PVP Game New Update

KOSDAQ registered company Some Age Co., Ltd.(KOSDAQ 208640, CEO Park Hong-seo)is a mobile game ‘Defense War’ developed by Round2 and serviced by the company. : Destiny Child PVP The game’s new character ‘Cynthia’ has been updated. 19day said.

‘Defense War : Destiny Child PVP The game’ is a strategy random tower defense., child of the same star(character)It is a mobile game that battles by combining.

‘Cynthia’, which was added this time, is a legendary-grade support character., Arena 12can enjoy from. In particular, if the same characters are combined, a random tile can be changed to a hero tile., Increase the player’s attack speed to easily achieve victory.

also coming 20from day 23Cynthia’s designated challenge mode with ‘Cynthia’ fixed until the 1st is opened., Gold based on the number of wins, random normal card, random rare card, Gift a large leather bag, etc..

coming with this 25from day~28Work, 12month 1from day~4Prohibition of attacks for a specific period, such as up to one day, mana limit, A challenge mode with various conditions, such as ban on all-fighting, will be held., You can get rich items when you win..

In addition, the designated legendary card Dinasi including the new character ‘Cynthia’, Aurora, Saturn, Hestia, Guiltine, A daily package that can acquire cosmemes and more has been added..

‘Defense War : Destiny Child PVP More details about the new character ‘Cynthia’ in ‘Game’ can be found on the official Facebook page..

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