Sunday, November 28

Logitech G Launches Official League of Legends Gaming Collection in Korea

Data provided – Logitech

Logitech G and Riot Games have launched the League of Legends collection, the official League of Legends (LoL) gaming gear.

The League of Legends collection consists of a total of 4 high-performance products: PRO wireless gaming mouse, PRO mechanical gaming keyboard, PRO X gaming headset, and G840 XL gaming mouse.

The lineup features League of Legends’ iconic design, magic engineering. Hextech is a hextech technology used in LoL, and in this League of Legends collection, the product was designed using the blue color of hextech and the metal gold color.

“I am very happy to present another attractive collection with League of Legends, the world’s most loved game,” said Yoon Jae-young, general manager of Logitech Korea. told

For more information, visit the Logitech G website.

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