Sunday, November 28

MapleStory M’s new content ‘Arcane River Dungeon’

Data provided – Nexon

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 19th that it has introduced a new content ‘Arcane River Dungeon’ in its mobile MMORPG ‘Maple Story M’.

With this update, ‘Arcane River Dungeon’ has been opened for users who have completed the 5th job change to challenge. Through this dungeon, you can participate in 2 types of party quests set in the Arcane River area, and as a clear reward, you will receive an ‘Arcane Symbol’ that strengthens your experience and character’s stats.

Among the ‘Arcane River Dungeon’, ‘Erda Spectrum’ is a quest in which up to three people gather their strength to perform a mission, and upon clearing it, you can receive ‘Arcane Symbol: The Path to Extinction’. In the case of the ‘Hungry Muto’ quest, which makes food for Muto with party members, ‘Arcane Symbol: Chu-Chu Island’ is given as a reward.

In addition, Nexon will hold the ‘Maple M Burning Event’, which supports rapid character development, until December 16. If you register a character as a burning target, you will receive a 1+1 benefit every time you level up from level 140 to level 200, and you can also obtain additional experience rewards for daily missions and content.

During the same period, an antique collection-themed ‘Maple Museum Season 2’ event will also be held. If you kill monsters, collect antiques, and register them in the museum, you can get various items such as ‘Maple Exploration King Season 2 Title’, ‘Powerful Flame of Reincarnation’, and ‘Auto Battle Recharge Ticket (1 hour)’.

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