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Netmarble, ‘Seven Knights 2’ Ku Sa-hwang Tae-oh appeared! 1st anniversary large-scale update applied

Netmarble (CEO Young-sik Kwon, Seung-won Lee) announced on the 19th that it had implemented a large-scale update to commemorate the first anniversary of the mobile MMORPG (developer Netmarble Nexus).

In this large-scale update, Season 2’s last scenario, Chapter 3, ‘Descent’, was revealed. In this scenario, when Orochi, who has obtained dragon blood, tries to descend, Tae-oh moves to prevent it, and a battle to save the continent of Aisa unfolds.

Along with the scenario, the most popular hero of the Seven Knights series, ‘Tae-oh, the seeker of simple evil (hereafter, Tae-oh)’ appears as a legend plus hero. ‘Taeo’ has the ability to create a force field that inflicts strong defense-ignoring damage and reduces movement and attack speed to enemies.

Orochi Kagura of the Abyss (hereafter Kagura) will also appear as a new legendary hero. ‘Kagura’ is a hero under Orochi’s control, and uses poisoning skills, and has the effect of becoming more powerful when his stamina is low.

The new 8-player raid ‘The Land of Crimson’ was also unveiled. ‘Crimson Land’ is a content that defeats the new boss ‘Orochi’, and you can acquire a set of new equipment ‘Orochi’s Equipment’ that increases the probability of consecutive attacks and increases basic attack damage.

The maximum level of transcendence for heroes has been increased from 56 to 60. If you exceed a certain level, you can equip a new item ‘Orb’. ‘Orbs’ have the effect of getting stronger in PvP (Player vs Player) content, and you can make special orbs by using legend plus accessories.

New Legend Plus equipment introduced ‘Shiny Ming’s Hammer’ and ‘Shiny Ming’s Shoes’. When both equipment is equipped, the battle starts with 50% of the ultimate gauge filled, and when it reaches 100%, there are effects such as not being affected by the enemy’s ultimate gauge reduction skill.

In addition, the costume items of the legendary plus heroes ‘Sammiho Yuri’ and ‘Helena’s Sword Cosette’ were updated, and contents were improved, such as adding equipment multi-production function and improving the number of guild raid entries.

In commemoration of the 1st anniversary of , Netmarble released the ‘Legendary Plus Hero Option’ including the popular hero ‘Emperor Rin of Aisa’, 10,000 rubies, ‘Legendary Pet Option (1 card)’, ‘Legendary Pet Summon Ticket Piece (210) A carnival event that presents unconventional benefits such as ‘dog)’ will be held until the 23rd of next month.

Also, until December 16th, a special attendance event will be held to present ‘Legendary Jewel Summon Ticket’, ‘Sealed Accessory Choice’, ‘Legendary Plus Weapon Option’, etc. In the neglected field, you can acquire ‘CM Balder’s Invitation’ and ‘1st Anniversary Key’ by the 2nd of next month. You can use this item to make CM Balder’s gift box, 1st anniversary gift box, etc., and you can get a lot of rewards by opening the box.

Benefits for new and returning users have also been strengthened. New/returning users receive a 300% increase in experience (account level, skill, hero) until reaching level 90, and a 10% increase in item and gold acquisition probability when proceeding in the neglected field for 180 days. In addition, the new and returning guide missions are renewed, and upon completion, ‘Legendary Plus Hero Selection’, ‘Ruby’, etc. are paid.

New users will receive unprecedented benefits, including ‘legendary plus hero option’, even if they consistently log in once the user starts the game.

Han Ji-hoon, head of Netmarble’s business group, said, “We have prepared this update and event to express our gratitude to users who have shown affection for . said.

is an authentic sequel to Netmarble’s representative IP (intellectual property) ‘Seven Knights’. It provides differentiated fun of MMORPG. Netmarble released this game to the Korean market in November 2020 and then to 172 global regions on November 10, 2021.

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