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– ‘Invincible’ skill dedicated to zombie scenarios, equipped with a dedicated voice, and additional experience

– Two classes of confirmed payment events will be held depending on the number of times the decryptor is used until December 16th

– New event mode operation in zombie scenario mode

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 19th that it has updated two new transcendence classes (characters) to the FPS game ‘Counters Strike Online’ (hereinafter ‘Cas Online’).

With this update, mercenary brother ‘Roy’ and sister ‘Romi’, who joined the battlefield to find him, appear as a new transcendence class. ‘Roy’ and ‘Romi’ have skills dedicated to zombie scenarios such as ‘Survival Encyclopedia’ and ‘Crisis Breakthrough’, respectively. It provides 10% additional experience and point bonuses along with a dedicated voice, and you can play more advantageously in Zombie Z mode.

If you have 2 exclusive items along with ‘Roy’ and ‘Romi’, you will receive a decoration ‘City Survivor’. As a promotion, by December 16th, the probability of acquiring two classes at the class and class premium decryptor is quadrupled, and a fixed payment event is also held by providing points according to the use of the decryptor.

At the same time, a new map ‘Chase: Evelynn’s Trial B’ is added to the zombie scenario mode, and a new event mode that can be transformed into a random monster through a gene bead will be operated until December 2nd. As an event, special items such as ‘Infinity Laser Fist (1 day)’ and ‘Dual Beretta Gunslinger (1 day)’ are provided when you try one search as an event. Unlimited transcendental weapons such as ‘White Tiger’ are provided. Improvements will be made to the search system, such as compensation reorganization, and the family system, such as achievements and warehouse reorganization.

In addition, ‘VVIP Free Pass (5 days)’ and ‘Class Decryptor (10 pieces)’ are provided according to the accumulated number of rewards obtained after achieving 30 minutes of play time by December 2nd. ‘Event Decryptor’, ‘Add-on Box’, etc. are provided when certain missions are completed, and ‘Transcendence Decryptor (10ea)’, ‘Parts Tier 5 Reward Box (10ea)’, etc. are additionally provided depending on the cumulative number of event decryptors used do.

More details about the two new transcendence classes of ‘Cas Online’ can be found on the official website.

‘Counters Strike Online’ official website

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]