Play with another new Seal IP [씰 유니버스] Global Publishing

Playweed is new [씰 유니버스]signed a publishing contract with

Playwith Co., Ltd. (CEO Hak-Jun Kim) is another new game being developed by PlayWith Games Co., Ltd. [씰 유니버스(Seal Universe)]of domestic and global publishing contracts. In the meantime, it was being developed as ‘Project S2′. [씰 유니버스]is a casual game using the PlayWith Games’ representative IP, SEAL, and will support cross-platform enjoyment on PC and mobile.

SEAL Universe is a casual game where you can enjoy all the characters appearing in SEAL, and it is completely different from the existing MMORPGs. The game will also be released on Steam so that you can enjoy it.

With this game publishing contract, Playweed plans to secure the global service rights of Seal Universe and advance into domestic and overseas markets while further strengthening its position.

Kim Jeong-ju, development director of Playwith Games, said, “Seal Universe will be introduced as another game with a new style that melts away all the characters related to the seal and know-how.

Meanwhile, Playwith also revealed information about the Seal M to be released in 22 at the G-Star 2021 BTB booth.

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