Pre-registration for ‘Dragonion’, an RPG that introduced a dragon breeding system, exceeded 500,000

nice play(9Splay, Representative Joo Hyun-gon)is the mobile that we plan to service MMORPG ‘Dragonion’ is a pre-order 50surpassed a million 19day said.

Last 10‘Dragonion’, which started pre-ordering in Japan, is about 9Pre-orders with a steep rise in one day 50Achieving ten thousand people, it is creating a foreboding of the box office.

It is analyzed that such popularity strongly stimulated the romance of gamers, such as graphics that realistically realized the fantasy world where dragons and humans coexist, and the anthropomorphic dragon nurturing system..

In addition, various fun elements such as personal bosses and world bosses, as well as time-based dungeons, will be revealed at the official cafe. MMORPG It also contributed to raising the expectations of the fans..

To commemorate this, the company provides equipment draw tickets and World Force Spirit potions to those who pre-order after the launch., After that, if the target number of pre-orders is reached, high-quality items will be presented..

In addition, Samsung Galaxy is selected by lottery among users who participated through the official pre-booking page. WITHflip3 5G Special events will be held to pay.

In addition, each time you achieve a certain number of people in the official cafe, you will receive a beginner pet potion., 1However, we plan to pay items such as gold coins and cards..

‘Dragonion’ is a fantasy world where humans and dragons coexist, and as the heir of the dragon lineage, it contains the story of defending the empire with the dragon..

The player is a ‘rogue’ who uses two swords., ‘Magician’ who uses magic skills, ‘Archer’ using ranged weapons, You can play a variety of games by selecting a ‘Warrior’ who uses a spear with excellent attack and defense..

More details about the game can be found on the official ‘Dragonion’ cafe..

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