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RoadComplete thinks of a ‘game-down game’

There is no denying that the hottest game at G-Star this year is ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’, which is an unreleased new game and even a demonstration build, but there was a game that I personally looked forward to. Kakao Games’ new game, ‘Goddess Order’. I remember having fun playing the previous game ‘Crusader Quest’ by the developer RoadComplete, so I raised my hand first when I heard that the developer interview was going on at the site.

Goddess Order is a mobile side-scrolling RPG set in medieval fantasy. If you explain this in just one line, you can ask what is the difference from the existing mobile games. The answer can also be found by looking at the previous work ‘Crusader Quest’. Because it was a game that showed the development power and strengths of RoadComplete well. Although the user evaluation was somewhat reduced due to the charging system and character balance problem unique to collectible RPGs, there was no shortage of attractive characters, an immersive combat system, and a feeling of hitting that conveys the taste of the hand as it is. In particular, Goddess Order was confident that it emphasized the actionability based on manual operation, but I also wondered if RoadComplete could show the limit of hand feel that can be felt on mobile.

And I have one more reason to personally look forward to this game. Tae-ryong Jeong, who has shown his unique color as a first-generation game reporter and game developer, took the megaphone, so I had a belief that God’s Order would not be an ordinary game like the one I saw somewhere.

Let’s check whether the Goddess Order, which is scheduled to be released next year, is a game worth waiting for, from the answers of RoadComplete CEO Bae Jeong-hyun and PD Jeong Tae-ryong.

▲ Left- RoadComplete CEO Bae Jeong-hyun, right- PD Jeong Tae-ryong

First, please introduce what kind of game Goddess Order is.

Tae-Ryong Jeong PD (Tae-Ryong Jeong) – A 2D mobile action RPG, the exciting battle coming from direct operation is the key. Beautiful pixel graphics, console-like scenarios and directing are also available. The target release date is set for 2022.

What is the development progress so far?

CEO Bae Jeong-hyeon (hereafter Bae-hyun Bae) – It has been about 4 years since development, and we are judging that 70% of it has been made internally. Now, we are developing more content and improving the quality, and we are preparing BM for official service.

We aimed to release it globally, but there seems to be a region where good results are expected internally.

Bae Jeong-hyun – First of all, Korea is the most important. The goal is to be recognized as a fun game by domestic users and to receive similar evaluations from global users. Personally, I expect to get a good response from users in North America and Europe.

What are the key keywords you set when developing the Goddess Order?

Tae-Ryong Jeong – Beautiful 2D pixel art and a deep combat system that comes from direct manipulation.

Why did you choose dot graphics?

Jeong Tae-ryong – There is such a thing as a romance that can only be expressed in dots. I want to convey dreams and hopes to users with God’s Order, but I thought that dot graphics had to be the only way to make that happen. And since RoadComplete is a company that has strengths in making dot graphics, I naturally chose it.

There seems to be a reason for adopting the side-scrolling method.

Jeong Tae-ryong – I wanted to increase the concentration of battle. As I said before, direct manipulation was the key from the beginning of development, but I thought that the density of the action we wanted to show would not be filled as the up and down manipulation became inevitable when the Y axis was entered. As a side-scrolling action, there is a belt-scrolling action as a cousin of the side-scrolling action, and if you go in this direction, the user’s fatigue will increase as the operation becomes more complicated. Implementing a feeling of operation optimized for mobile was a priority, and I think that side-scrolling might be the correct answer at this point.

The background to working with Kakao Games.

Bae Jeong-hyun – Crusaders Quest, the previous work, received a good response in the market, and Goddess Order is an action RPG, so there were quite a few companies showing interest. However, since this is not a general game in terms of system and direction, there were not many companies that paid attention to the end. In the meantime, Kakao Games contacted me first, so we started working together.

Tae-Ryong Jeong – We wanted to give joy to both Korean and foreign players with the game. Kakao Games seemed to be able to satisfy both. When we met and talked, there were a lot of things we had in common.

Since God’s Order is also a dot graphic, many fans are wondering if there is a connection between the previous work Crusader Quest and the setting.

Bae Jeong-hyun – Crusaders Quest is a game that is still in service, so wouldn’t it be awkward for a sequel to come out suddenly? Goddess order can be considered as an independent IP.

I emphasized manual combat, but it can be said that there is no automatic system at all.

Tae-Ryong Jeong – This does not mean that all battles are passive. Considering user fatigue, we are trying to find a suitable ratio. Mobile games have been developing steadily, and the level of users has increased accordingly, but I think users’ aspirations for the next level of games are growing. We have been thinking a lot about what the next stage of the mobile game will look like, and we are making Goddess Order in response to the aspirations of users. I want to dedicate it to users who want a new experience.

I used words like ‘workshop’, ‘back attack’, and ‘slash’ to explain the combat system, but aren’t these usually seen in fighting games? I wonder if you were inspired by this genre while making God’s Order.

Tae-Ryong Jeong – As a creator of side-scrolling action games, I could not help but refer to the great legacy of the previous developers. I referenced a lot of the fighting action games of Capcom and SNK that dominated the 90s, and I am still looking into it from time to time, contemplating what the worries and difficulties of my seniors were. And it is From Software’s ‘Soul Series’ that has opened a new horizon for the current generation of combat systems, and our team members have been playing for a very long time. We are looking into what the key points of the game are and whether we can introduce it in a way that suits the game we are making.

When I think of PD Jung Tae-ryong, the image of ‘light-hearted’ comes to mind. Can we expect that kind of atmosphere in this work as well?

Jung Tae-ryong – I feel a little embarrassed when I think about whether such a symbolic image suits someone like me (laughs). Anyway, maybe the CEO hired me to make a ‘real fun game’. The time has come for a game that is different from the games that have already been released and makes something happen. There must be a lot of interest in the industry to see who will do it first, and the CEO thought, ‘I think this person will do well’, so I think he called me. I want to repay that belief with a ‘really fun game’.

I would like you to briefly explain how the BM will be structured.

Bae Jung-hyun – This is a very difficult issue. Crusader Quest was also a BM based on the drawing system, and we know well what the pros and cons of this form are as it has been in service for a long time. And recently, we are closely checking what kind of image this BM has for users and what kind of requests it is making. We are having an in-depth conversation with Kakao Games. It has not been materialized yet, and I will explain it in more detail at the next briefing session.

As much as the operability is emphasized, I am interested in whether or not the joystick is supported.

Jeong Tae-ryong – The members of the development team enjoy using the pad when playing games. Our games also aim for high action, and most games in this genre are more fun when played with a pad. The Goddess Order will of course respond.

In Crusader Quest, the goddess was important in the story, but in this work, the goddess is included in the title. It seems to play an important role in the game.

Jeong Tae-ryong – Goddess Order has a meaning of ‘call of the goddess’ and is also the name of the secret book that needs to be restored in the game. That is a very important role.

What does RoadComplete think of as a ‘game-like game’?

Bae Jeong-hyun – There must be a ‘newness’ based on popularity that many users can accept. In addition, it should show sufficient depth so that you can enjoy it for a long time. That’s the real game we think it is.

Tae-Ryong Jeong – There is a German actress named Marlene Dietrich. He is now dead… One of the songs he sang had this to say:

“I left my bag in Berlin.
So I have to go there again.
All the happiness I have had is in that bag.

The avenue Madeleine in Paris is really nice,
Walking through the city of Rome in May is also very beautiful,
It is good to enjoy wine in Vienna on a quiet summer night,

When you smile, I think of Berlin today.
I left my bag there.”

While making a mobile game at RoadComplete, this lyric came to mind a lot. Numerous mobile games have improved user convenience in line with the flow of the times, but in the process, I thought, ‘Maybe too many things essential for the game have been omitted’.

I want to retrieve the bag I left behind in Berlin. There’s still a lot of stuff left to do to make a fun game. If not all of them are worth reviving and putting them in the Goddess Order, I think a really fun game will be completed.

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