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Logitech’s official distributor, S-Rise Co., Ltd. (CEO: Sa Seung-mok), is hosting a Logitech streaming exclusive discount contest hosted by AK Mall from November 22 to 28. Broadcasting was the easiest.” Through the event, he said that he would offer discounts of up to 38% and various freebies.

‘Gatsaeng’ is a new word combining ‘God’, which is used as a prefix when expressing good and great things, and life, and refers to the lifestyle of the diligent MZ generation who take care of themselves through small routines diligently every day. This event is for the MZ generation, who want to empathize with the small sense of daily achievement through various activities such as YouTube, SNS, and community, from living alone in an unpredictable daily life that has increased due to corona issues such as self-isolation, distance, and working from home. It is expected to be an event aimed at ontact tendencies.

Among the products participating in the event, the combined package products Logitech Stream Cam and Logitech Blue Microphone BLUE YETI stand out. Logitech Stream Cam, which provides smooth and seamless high-definition streaming with Full HD 60FPS support, and You can purchase the Logitech Blue YETI, a Logitech Blue Microphone that delivers clear studio-quality sound with a 14mm high-performance condenser capsule with Blue’s proprietary technology, at the lowest price ever.

Logitech Stream Cam, which can be used in all weathers, is compatible with a variety of video conferencing applications, as well as a premium dual microphone mounted on the front, enabling voice recording without a separate microphone. When used in conjunction with Logitech Capture, the built-in AI supports facial recognition smart autofocus and exposure adjustment functions to accurately focus in response to changes in the surrounding environment. In addition, various webcam control functions are supported, such as full HD vertical video shooting with a 9:16 ratio suitable for uploading to SNS such as Instagram, electronic image stabilization, interlocking multiple cameras, real-time text overlay, and scene transition effects. Logitech Stream Cam can be selected from two colors, black and white, and it is connected with a USB-C type 3.1 cable to support stability and fast video transmission speed.

Logitech Blue Microphone Yeti (BLUE YETI), a combined package product, shows a high performance-to-cost ratio, and is famous not only for musicians and professionals, but also for general consumers, especially YouTubers, Afreeca, Twitch, and live streamers. Based on a high-performance condenser capsule, it controls various types of directivity and sound absorption patterns, and realizes a rich sense of space and three-dimensional sound. Fast monitoring without delay during recording is possible by using the 3.5mm headphone jack.

In order to utilize the microphone function 100%, the dedicated software ‘Blue Sherpa App’ must be installed, and detailed values ​​can be checked or more detailed adjustments such as soft firmware are possible through the app.

The Logitech Blue Microphone BLUE YETI is also available in another combination package. Blue microphone exclusive accessories shock mount Radius III and boom arm compass not only prevent vibration but also allow the microphone to be fixed at various angles, making it possible to mount it with high utility.

In addition, Logitech Stream Cam, Logitech Blue Microphone Yeti X (BLUE YETI X), Logitech Blue Microphone Yeti X (BLUE YETI X), BLUE Radius III, BLUE COMPASS, etc. You can meet BLUE microphone products through this event.

Different products such as ▲foam cover, ▲XLR cable, ▲pop filter, ▲tabletop stand, etc. are provided. Customers with excellent photo reviews will receive a ▲Starbucks e-card 30,000 won.

Logitech Streaming Exclusive Discount Daejeon “Living Newly! Broadcasting was the easiest” event can be viewed directly on the AK Mall’s special exhibition page.

Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]