Shift Up, ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ Press Conference Successfully | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– Game introduction and Q&A with CEO Hyung-tae Kim, director Hyung-seok Hyung, and head of development department Cho Seong-rae in attendance

– Questions about content, future schedule, etc.

ShiftUp (CEO Kim Hyung-tae) held a press conference at the BEXCO Press Center in Busan on the 19th and released detailed information about ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’.

At the meeting held on this day, ShiftUp CEO Kim Hyung-sik, director Hyung-suk Hyung-seok, and development manager Jo Seong-rae attended the meeting to introduce details of the game and to answer reporters’ questions.

Director Hyung-seok picked out the fun elements of ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’, such as a vast worldview, an overwhelming background, an attractive enemy worth conquering, a strategy that adds depth to the play, and a tactical play.

First, ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ has a main scenario and character-by-character story at the volume level of a novel, realizing narrative and in-game expression so that you can communicate with Nike.

In addition, Nike announced that it will introduce at least 60 Nike players by the time of launch, because combat using strategy, shooting, and selective skills by character combination is attractive.

In addition to this, he said that he would continue to provide content with elements of adventure games or RPGs, such as collecting lost and found through the field, puzzles, and sub-quests.

Regarding the future service plan, ShiftUp CEO Kim Hyung-tae said, “It is scheduled to be released in 2022, and we will inform you of the detailed schedule later. It will be a worthwhile game,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shift-Up prepared 80 booths at ‘G-Star 2021’ to be held at BEXCO, Busan from the 17th to the 21st, and presented ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ as the main title. Booth Shift Up 80 is equipped with 70 mobile demonstration devices and is being run as a participatory booth where visitors can focus on game experiences.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]