Show FPS in Battlefield 2042: What you urgently need to pay attention to

On November 19, 2021, Battlefield 2042 finally came to all players after pre-orderers had the chance to hit the battlefield a week earlier as part of Early Access early access. As we have already shown in detail in our technology test, the latest DICE shooter is currently not in good condition:

60+ FPS in Battlefield 2042 are usually a pipe dream


Technology check

60+ FPS in Battlefield 2042 are usually a pipe dream

Because of the unstable technology and the associated moderate performance, many players are unsure how many FPS they can achieve. However, there are various options for displaying these.

So you show the FPS in Battlefield 2042

Strictly speaking, you even have two options to get your frame rate. Depending on how much information you need, you have to decide:

Variante 1 (FPS via Origin)

You call the Application settings in the Origin client and switch to the tab Origin in game. There you will find the option Show FPS counter. You can set the display in four different positions.

Variante 2 (FPS via Steam)

If you bought Battlefield 2042 via Steam, you can also activate an FPS display here. Open the Steam window, click on Steam in the top left and open the settings there. Under the point In the game you find the point In-game FPS display. Here you can also choose where the FPS counter should appear on your screen. A high-contrast mode can also be activated for better visibility.

FPS viewing via console can be confusing

Battlefield 2042 also offers the option of displaying various FPS values ​​in the game itself. But for this you have to work with the in-game console, which is why we offer you a short guide here:

  • Open the console in the game by pressing the circumflex key (above the tab key)
  • Enter the following command: Perf.Overlay.drawFps 1
  • Then you have the choice between three different display modes that you can use with the commands PerfOverlay.FpsDisplayFormat 1/2/3 can switch through.

Here you will now see four different values ​​for your frames-per-second and frame times:

You can use the in-game display for this: However, this display is not particularly useful if you want to see your current FPS at a quick glance, as the FPS are divided into CPU (processor) and GPU (graphics card) – Steam or Origin are better suited for this.

The big advantage of this display, however, is that you can see here which components are in your system for Bottleneck is: As you can see in the screenshot above, this is in our test system (Intel i7-6700K, GTX 1070) with the CPU, which simply cannot keep up with its four processing cores.

Battlefield 2042: More FPS and better performance


Tuning Guide

Battlefield 2042: More FPS and better performance

Better performance in Battlefield 2042: You can find more information on how you can get the most out of Battlefield 2042 in our tuning guide. It helps you to find the best compromise between optics and performance.