SKT Jeon Jin-soo

  • subject: Changes in daily life and industry brought by Metaverse
  • Lecturer: Jeon Jin-soo, Chief CO
  • Presentation area: metaverse, technology, perspective
  • Lecture time: 2021.11.19 (Fri) 13:00 ~ 13:50
  • Lecture Summary: The future of the metaverse that SKT draws through ifland

  • ■ “Metaverse, the paradigm of the era after mobile”

    ▲ Metaverse contents through SKT ‘Ifland’

    The metaverse, which is mentioned every day, is known as a concept first introduced by American science fiction writer Neil Stevenson in his novel ‘Snow Crash’ in 1992. Metaverse in the novel means ‘a new future space that transcends time and space, a world where the boundaries between reality and virtuality have disappeared’.

    Currently, the government and the National Assembly are contemplating how to define the legal concept of metaverse. Whether the metaverse is a game or a platform is also a topic of discussion. “Metaverse is not just a game, platform, or artificial intelligence level,” said CO head Jeon Jin-soo.

    Former CO chief divided the elements that make up today’s metaverse into avatar, virtual space, activity, creation, and economy. Next, he analyzed that SKT’s main businesses, telecommunication, technological evolution, non-face-to-face spread, and increased customer acceptance are necessary for Metaverse to be activated.

    ▲ Economic activities in the metaverse lead to reality

    ▲ The metaverse promotes technological advancement and vice versa.

    The avatar represents the real me. The avatar can follow the real me as it is, or it can be the person I want to be. Former CO head said, “Like the concept of ‘main character’ and ‘buccaneer’ when playing games, avatar is also my ‘buccaneer’ in the virtual space. he explained. With the recent advances in artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, real-life avatars have also begun to appear.

    Furthermore, the digital human emerges as an important concept in the metaverse era. If an existing celebrity is used as a model, it may cause a social scandal and harm the product image. In contrast, digital humans do not suddenly become inactive. For this reason, there are many cases of using digital human as an advertising model in the entertainment industry. Former CO head predicted, “People have felt psychologically uncomfortable when looking at realistic characters, but recently, the ‘unpleasant valley’ problem is gradually disappearing, so the digital human market will grow very quickly.”

    The virtual space is where the avatar is active. The virtual space can be the same as reality as in the case of avatars, or it can be a form that has not been seen before. In a virtual space, even people with physical disabilities in real life can move freely using an avatar. In addition, it can create nostalgia by reproducing the appearance of the past as it is.

    ▲ Create and enjoy by users

    Activities in the metaverse resemble reality. For example, former CO head said that buying and selling real estate in virtual space follows reality. As the land price in Gangnam rises, it is explained that the price of important spaces in the metaverse also rises in a similar flow. Former CO head analyzed, “If you look at this kind of appearance, even in virtual space, people have the same psychological action as in reality.”

    People act through avatars in the metaverse. In the metaverse, actions that are impossible in reality become possible. Former CO head said, “It is possible to go to Gyeongbokgung Palace 20 years ago in Metaverse and walk”.

    Creation is the improvement of Metaverse from existing content. Existing content created what producers wanted to show to consumers. “However, in Metaverse, users can take on the role of creators, create new content, and sell or share to other users,” the former CO head said.

    Economic activity in the metaverse is somewhat different from the real economy. Former CO head said, “In the past, Cyworld Acorns could not be used in Fortnite, but the metaverse economy is developing in a complementary way. . This is made possible through cryptocurrency. He added, “Because the value of content goods is permanently preserved, it can be seen that the paradigm of economic common sense as we know it is completely changed.”

    Former CO director paid attention to the advertising industry in Metaverse. This is because the advertising space in the metaverse is infinite. Former CO head said, “In the metaverse era, there will be more cases where advertisements do not seem to be advertisements.

    When the metaverse era begins in earnest, the former CO director predicted that ethical awareness would be more important. Actions that are important in the real world are also important in the metaverse. “Second Life, known as a pioneering metaverse, also went down a path of decline because ethical issues along with currency issues were not well resolved,” the former CO head said.

    Although the metaverse may still be ambiguous, the industry is currently developing around metaverse keywords. Shares of related companies are also moving high. The speed of development of related technologies is also accelerating. The market predicts that the size of the metaverse will grow from 32.1 trillion won in 2021 to 563.6 trillion won in 2025. “Personally, I think it will be bigger than this scale,” the former CO head said.

    The former CO mentioned P2E. P2E is an acronym for the concept of making money through games. Former CO chief evaluated P2E as a paradigm shift. In the past, users paid a game company to enjoy the game. Now users earn money directly within the game. Former CO chief selected Mir 4 and Exi Infinity as the leading P2E games.

    ▲ Metaverse concept is in contact with P2E

    SKT has been developing related technologies since 2013 and recently introduced ifland. IFLAND is used for metaverse events in schools, corporations, and public institutions. SKT provides services to customers who lack technological development. Demand for E-Friend is high in the market. In the last 100 days, 1,000 business inquiries have been received, the former CO chief said.

    In the words of futurist Roger James Hamilton, the former CO head emphasized, “By 2024, we will spend more time in the 3D world metaverse than in the current 2D internet world.” He added, “Let’s not think of the metaverse as someone else’s story, a story about the distant future.”