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Smilegate builds a solution to the problem of child abuse

Data provided – Smilegate

Smilegate Hope Studio (hereafter ‘Hope Studio’) announced on the 19th that it will conduct a cause analysis and case-by-case solution development support project to solve the fundamental problems of families affected by child abuse. Today (November 19) is ‘Child Abuse Prevention Day’.

For this support project, Hope Studio signed an MOU with Good Neighbors, and 10 specialized child protection agencies across the country participated and selected cases from 50 families. Good Neighbors supports in-depth case management services for the recovery of abused children and their families through the operation of 33 child protection agencies, 2 branch offices, and 16 shelters for abused children across the country.

Hope Studio plans to advance a customized solution to support families at risk of abuse in the future through research on cases of abuse, sharing expert cases, and systematic feedback for selected families.

This is notable in that the existing Hope Studio went beyond providing the Smile House, which supports children who have been abused, as it identified the root cause of child abuse and preemptively laid the foundation for resolving the problem. Smile House is a social problem solving platform that comprehensively supports protection, treatment, and independence for children who have been abused in the blind spot so that they can grow into healthy members of society. Since 2016, we have supported 8 Smile Houses, and have made remarkable strides such as establishing sustainable problem-solving solutions linking about KRW 1 billion of private and national resources (including government subsidies), and improving self-esteem and self-reliance of children enrolled. It is the result of Hope Studio providing an integrated solution with sincerity.

Meanwhile, the diagnosis and solution development project for the cause of abuse for this support family will start in October of this year and will be provided until September 2022. In particular, we will develop customized solutions that can systematically solve difficult problems faced by each family, such as psychological and emotional recovery programs (psychological tests, psychotherapy, etc.), parenting skills and family relations improvement programs, and crisis situations (living expenses, vocational training, etc.) it is expected that it will be possible

Go Jeung, Good Neighbors’ child rights project team leader, said, “Through the business with Smilegate, we will provide customized solutions according to the needs of children and families who have been abused to help solve the root cause of abuse.” We will do our best to protect children who have been abused and restore their family functions through specialized services for integrated support for child protection, putting their rights first,” he said.

Director Kwon Yeon-joo of Hope Studio said, “Hope Studio has been taking the lead in solving problems with sincerity with continuous interest in the issue of abused children in the blind spot. We will actively promote social diffusion through the Good Case.”

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