Stuttering Windows 11: Microsoft is tackling an annoying problem

Microsoft wants to work on the performance of Windows 11. (Image source: GIGA)

Windows 11 has a performance problem. Microsoft has now also confirmed what many users have known since they started up for the first time – at least in part. With a major update of the operating system, the performance should be increased noticeably, it is now said.

Windows 11: Microsoft has confirmed performance issues

Windows 11 is available and some users are already using the successor to Windows 10. Quite a few customers noticed a drop in performance right from the start, which runs right through the user interface of the operating system. Although the hardware actually provides enough reserves, Windows 11 sometimes has annoying stutters.

At a Q&A with Microsoft developers the difficulties have been admitted, at least in part. At the same time, Microsoft refers to extensive tests that were carried out in advance of the release of Windows 11. Among other things, around 10,000 buttons were placed on the screen for test purposes and no rendering problems were found.

Microsoft is “happy” about the numerous responses to the performance of Windows 11 and promises that work will continue to improve performance until the next major update. However, it will take some time before this update is released. In principle it is with the 22H2 update next fall to be expected. Smaller updates for Windows 11 will certainly be distributed beforehand, but these should not resolve the performance problems.

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Microsoft: Focus on Windows 11 performance

At the question and answer session, Microsoft stated that the topic of increasing performance was a high priority has: “Performance will be a focus for us in 2022. Much of this focus will be on start-up / launch performance “(source: Reddit).

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