Tesla from Germany: First models spotted at Gigafactory

Tesla could keep its word and start manufacturing its electric cars in Germany this year. This is suggested by recordings from the Gigafactory in Grünheide. You are already showing your first vehicles. It is still unclear whether they were actually built near Berlin.

Tesla about to start production in Germany?

What takes a long time will finally be good – at least that is what Tesla boss Elon Musk should want for the production site in Grünheide near Berlin. The first signs that it will actually not be long before production starts in Germany are now increasing. Because you have several vehicles of the Model Y from the halls of the Gigafactory sent out to the test track.

This is shown by drone recordings published by Tobias Lindh. There, three color variants of the Model Y in Grünheide roll out of the Gigafactory buildings and do their rounds away from the ongoing work. As Lindh himself points out on Twitter, that is a good sign. But it is unclear whether the Model Y were built on site:

However, there are indications that the vehicles were actually manufactured on site, as the Tesla portal Teslarati argues. The Model Y could only have been used to calibrate the machines, but the fact that they were used afterwards speaks against it Completed test drives (Those: Teslarati). In addition, several vehicles are not necessarily required to calibrate the machines.

Start date in December could be kept

It is possible and more likely that Tesla in Grünheide tests the processes with a pilot series production, coordinate different production processes and prepare for the starting shot. However, pilot series vehicles are not intended for sale in the automotive industry. The competition for German manufacturers practically on their own doorstep is thus getting closer and closer.

That would also coincide with Elon Musk’s plans. After the start of production was delayed due to various delays, the Tesla boss recently announced that in December to start building the first European Teslas. For this it is also important that the still unclear approval situation is resolved in good time.