Tuesday, November 30

Tesla generous: a practical feature significantly improves the charging situation

Anyone who owns a Tesla will also use the company’s own charging stations whenever possible. In Germany, however, it will be even easier to charge elsewhere. Tesla is also indirectly upgrading its competitors’ fast chargers.

Tesla opens up in all directions when charging electric cars. While drivers of other electric cars are specifically intended to benefit from the previous plans, Tesla has now apparently decided to take a new step for the benefit of its own customers. He can Significantly improve the charging situation in one fell swoop.

Extensive navigation integration: Teslas charge everywhere under the best conditions

In Germany, Tesla is now supposed to display more charging stations from other manufacturers in its own navigation system (source: Teslamag). A German Tesla owner discovered the improved feature by chance after a system reset.

First of all, it is always a plus in convenience if you can also navigate to other charging stops directly via Tesla’s own system. In addition a technical advantage, which should pay off for many Tesla drivers: By integrating it into the Tesla navigation system, charging stops at third-party stations can also be planned.

Associated with it the Tesla automatically optimizes the temperature of the batteryso that it is ideally prepared in time for arrival at the charging station so that the high charging speed can be accessed – this will be an advantage, especially in winter.

So the effectively usable charging network expands clear for Tesla drivers. Among other things, EnBW is now involved with the largest number of fast charging stations in Germany. In addition, there are the fast charging stations from Ionity, which are constantly being expanded in Europe. Local providers are also represented at Tesla. Previously, the use of other stations with a “prepared” battery was only possible via workarounds.

Tesla is opening up: E-cars from other brands will soon be charging with superchargers

For drivers of other e-car brands, Tesla previously had a positive innovation ready: In the Netherlands, the e-car pioneer is currently testing the Release of its supercharger for further electric cars, 10 locations can already be approached in our neighboring country – a step that is not well received by all Tesla drivers. With WiFi, your own locations are also improved at the same time.

Im Video: What you didn’t know about Tesla.

Against this background, it makes sense to open up more alternatives to your own drivers. By optimizing the charging process, for example with charging stations from EnBW or Ionity, the expected Catch the rush of superchargers better.


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