Tesla on Mars: How Elon Musk Led Us Into the Future

Elon Musk has made it: he has finally reached his goal, the Mars base has started operations and the visionary has left the blue planet. We took Musk’s farewell as an opportunity to take a look at the life’s work of the man who shaped the 21st century like no other.

The beginning: When Elon Musk “only” built cars

Smelly streets, asphalt ravines that barely sunbeams, long journeys from city to city or country to country – all of this was still part of everyday life at the beginning of the millennium. But we have come a long way in the last two decades – thanks in part to Elon Musk.

In the second decade of the 21st century, Musk became famous when he introduced mobility back then revolutionized with electrically powered vehicles. Musk only just made fully automated driving possible – and who could believe today what his biggest hurdle was: People would rather drive themselves!

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It must have been crazy times: It was even believed that the names of Tesla’s first electric cars contained a lewd message. Instead, we know today: Musk has always valued simplicity. With his latest space probe, the SpaceX Z, he completed the labeling according to the Latin alphabet a few years ago. Appropriate he set off for Mars a few weeks ago with the shuttle “Alpha”where he’s working on more ideas right now.

Elon Musk: Will he still see the flight to Mars? (Source: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

Musk on Mars: One hell of a big step for a human

In the meantime Elon Musk has arrived in his new home: exTT – extra-terrestrial Tesla. Rumor has it that the eccentric and now also extraterrestrial genius will work there on his last major project: After giving gamers a completely new, immersive and lag-free experience years ago with Neuralink, the technology is now supposed to help his brain, among other things into a Tesla bot of the latest generation.

Obviously, Musk wants to continue to achieve amazing things at all costs far from Earth. He himself says his mortal shell would remain on Mars, but it cannot be ruled out that it will one day re-enter the earth in the form of the Tesla bot.

What else could have happened in 2042, we show you in the special edition of our GIGA headlines:

An armada of his bots, also known as Model B., accompanied him to the red planet. After they have already achieved amazing things on earth – just think of their work in disaster control during the shutdown of some of the last nuclear power plants – they are now to continue developing the red planet under the direct supervision of Elon Musk.

Just 24 days before landing on Mars, Musk set off directly from the TSS in orbit. Who does not remember the time 20 years ago when the ISS – slowly but surely getting on in years – needed a successor. Nobody could have known then how obvious the winner of the space race would be. Musk did it, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos failed with his Orbital Reef as did Richard Branson with Virgin Galactic Space.

X Æ A-XII Musk Takes Over: How the Tesla Dynasty Changed the World

Before taking off for Mars, Elon Musk had to spend a few months on the TSS to get used to the conditions in space as he got older. Since then his son X Æ A-XII has taken over the personal business here on earth.

He is now responsible for transferring Musk’s major projects into the next generations: Tesla’s worldwide storage network, the World Battery, should finally make the last classic power plants superfluous. In the remote regions, however, some entrepreneurial efforts are still required to ensure energy security and to put an end to the proliferation of private micro-power plants.

The one that has long since been detached from the car Today, the supercharger network forms the basis of the power supply in many parts of the world. The energy is generated in the facilities of Neutral Energy, which once started as SolarCity and was taken over by Tesla in 2016. Today, the re-established group feeds energy gained worldwide from water, wind and solar energy into the storage of the World Battery. Thanks to Tesla’s AI for optimized global distribution, worries about energy shortages are a thing of the past.

Tesla’s Supercharger could be the basis of the power supply in the future. Image: Tesla

Traffic chaos over: thanks to Hyperloop there is finally peace

Thanks to Musks, we need congested streets, as they were still common in the 2020s international hyperloop system hardly fear anymore. With the high-speed train, we can get to where we want to go faster than ever before – regardless of whether for private or professional purposes.

When Musk decided in 2034 to postpone the launch for a short time, it was suspected that there would still be serious difficulties with the long-awaited solution to our mobility problems. In fact, the decision to build the Hyperloop tunnels significantly higher enabled a relaxed life on earth – practically free from traffic chaosthat seems as distant and foreign to our children today as we do the films of the silent film era.

A lot more calm has arrived in the world. With optimal utilization, we have come to the point today that the Hyperloop is no longer just emission-free, but with an almost neutral energy balance can be operated. As fascinating as Musk’s Mars mission is, how the Hyperloop changed our lives on earth – that, in our opinion, is its greatest legacy.