The Last of Us: New leak from the series! Fans know this place …

This week is another clip of the filming of the series of The Last of Us appeared on Twitter. This time fans get another look at Joel und Elliehow they shared with Tommy through the streets of Jackson run – one of the most important locations of the template. The residents of the community can also be seen doing their everyday activities.

Tommy probably gets more appearances in The Last of Us than in the game

It looks like that HBO here a little bit of the Original from 2013 will differ. Meet then Joel and Ellie namely on the way to Salt Lake City Tommy. Now Joel’s brother seems to get a more important role in season 1. Only in The Last of Us Part 2 Tommy was then an integral part of the story.

Many of the details of the series coincide with The Last of Us

If you take a closer look at Joel in the scene, you will quickly see that he can be seen hobbling for a brief moment. This is probably the injury he sustained in a serious fall in the winter chapter. The snow in Jackson suggests that the series is currently also in winter.

Will the first season of The Last of Us be released in 2022?

Director Kantemir Balagov was responsible for the pilot episode of The Last of Us on set. On his Instagram profile Fans recently discovered that his upcoming projects will list “The Last of Us (2022)” with the year. Accordingly, the series could actually start next year.

Wo kann man The Last of Us streamen?

In Germany, the series should then be Sky are available who have a partnership with HBO.

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