Theme week “2042”: The GIGA look into the digital future

The first 21 years of this millennium have changed our world spectacularly: search engines, social networks, crypto currencies, self-driving e-cars and so much more. We at GIGA ask ourselves: What will the next 21 years bring? That is why we invite you to jump into the year 2042 with us this week.

Crazy times are what we live in. On the one hand we experience an unprecedented pace of innovation, which brings us self-driving, electrically powered cars, 3D printers or new types of mRNA vaccines, and brings artificial intelligence, quantum computers and fusion reactors within reach. On the other hand curb misinformation and lobbying the use of modern solutions and thus, for example, the fight against the pandemic and climate change.

Where is this going? Even looking ahead to the coming year 2022 is uncertain, the social consequences of the pandemic are at best only partially foreseeable. What our world will look like in 20 years, however, is completely open.

But this week we want to take a look at GIGA with exactly this look ahead, into the year 2042. Because sometimes you have to put the here and now aside for a moment and let the imagination run wild to see what is possible and what could be. This week, on the occasion of the start of Battlefield 2042, we’d like to give you some ideas and food for thought about what the year 2042 could look like.

Because if you only drive on sight, as the federal government has been saying for months, you are turning around the current dangers, but you may also steer in a completely wrong direction. So get out your binoculars with us and see where the journey is actually going.

Intelligent, networked, surprising: technology and gaming in 2042

As part of this theme week, we will take you with us in individual articles, for example, on Apple and the question of what will come after the iPhone – or there is even an “After the iPhone” for Apple. We visit the first real human machine and the metaversethat could shape our everyday life in the future.

Have we made the switch to clean energies in 2042? Did Elon Musk colonize Mars? And are we still tindering then?

And of course we also ask ourselves where the gaming world is headed: Are we still waiting for the PS5 or in 2042 cloud services and VR have completely displaced consoles and gaming PCs? Are games still just games, or are they already virtual worlds in which our everyday lives merge with fictional adventures?

We’ll also show you what could have happened in 2042 in the special edition of our GIGA headlines:

Of course, we don’t know what exactly will happen in the next 21 years. Nevertheless, based on current trends and our experience, we want to paint a picture of the year 2042 that is conceivable.

You can find all of our contributions on our topic page 2042. If you would like to give us feedback, please write to us on Facebook or at Redaktion at giga de.

I hope you enjoy reading, thinking and discussing!