Why does ‘P’s lie’ Pinocchio have to lie?

  • subject: Strategies to draw attention to the ‘false of P’
  • Lecturer: Jiwon Choi PD
  • Presentation area: Game, Marketing, Know-how
  • Lecture time: 2021.11.19 (Fri) 14:00 ~ 14:50
  • Lecture Summary: Know-how that was able to attract attention and imprint only with the introduction and setting prior to the actual play of the game

  • ■ Twist the familiar

    For the first time, the Neowiz console game ‘The Falsehood of P’ was only released as a concept cinematic trailer on the Steam introduction page and YouTube game channel. PD Choi Ji-won said that since its first release, it has recorded more than 250 articles, 3,000 shares via SNS, more than 880,000 video views, and more than 20,000 likes. Even within Neowiz, it was judged that it was a hot reaction. PD Choi Ji-won evaluated this result as “a result that reflects our efforts to buy interest in the game.”

    Producer Jiwon Choi has been in the industry for 15 years. He was in charge of the battles in Dark Blood Online, Asker Online, and Lost Ark. He mainly worked as an action game designer. PD Choi Ji-won introduced that he mainly enjoyed console and single-package games since childhood.

    ▲ Games based on ‘P’s Lies’

    ‘The Falsehood of P’ is the result of reflecting the games that PD Choi Ji-won has enjoyed so far. The keywords are console and soul-like genres. The recent power of Hallyu was also reflected. He saw that the movie Parasite and the idol BTS are popular all over the world, but our game does not have any works that have risen to the ranks of Parasite or BTS.

    ▲ K-Soul…?

    The worry of PD Choi Ji-won is that there are already overseas developers who are good at the soul-like genre. He thought that simply making it well and making it hard would not make it successful. Producer Choi Ji-won said, “Before release, I decided that it should be a project that people are interested in even if they don’t play the game, and that it should be a game that can be easily remembered without much explanation.”

    ▲ That’s how the ‘P’s lie’ started

    So, a strategy to attract attention was needed. We decided to introduce a familiar concept, but express it differently to make the user pay attention. PD Choi Ji-won decided to express a story that everyone knows, a well-known era, and a famous place to express it differently. Personal preferences are also taken into account. We decided to avoid the already overflowing dark fantasy, the saturated story of medieval Europe, and the two-dimensional punishment evil.

    The story of Pinocchio was chosen based on this criterion. PD Choi Ji-won said, “You might think it’s surprising, but if you read the original Pinocchio, it’s full of black comedy, cruelty, and charming characters.” And PD Choi Ji-won decides to express the original Pinocchio differently.

    The key to the Pinocchio story is a lie. PD Choi Ji-won decided to include lies as an element in the game and use it as the main quest system. For example, if the user eliminates a specific enemy, he will talk to the NPC. If you answer the question of whether you have eliminated an enemy and say you did not, you are lying. Unlike other quests in ‘P’s Lies’, you must answer that you did not remove it. If you lie, you earn humanity points. It’s the opposite of the original Pinocchio.

    ▲ Even the lie was twisted from the original

    Producer Choi Ji-won judged that lying is a human form. This is because, unlike other animals, humans lie with complex calculations and purposes. So in ‘P’s Lies’, Pinocchio has to lie to become a human. If you lie, you gain humanity points. He emphasized, “The previous example is a very simplified case, and the actual game is full of quests that require deep and philosophical consideration.”

    In the same way, it was timed and reconstructed. PD Choi Ji-won What caught my eye was the 19th century, French, Belle Epoque style. Belle Époque was the most prosperous period in France just before the outbreak of World War I. At this time, the Eiffel Tower was built and the World’s Fair was held. Belle Époque is expressed in the words of trial, diversity, fusion, innovation, culture, and art. And it’s an element that other games haven’t taken over yet.

    Belle Epoque’s characteristic ‘fusion’ appears as an in-game system. It is a system that creates a new type of weapon by separating the blade and handle of the weapon and combining it with different weapons. Not only weapon specifications, but also motion and patterns change.

    ▲ Slave arm

    The slave arm represents ‘innovation’ in the doll Pinocchio. You can remodel your arms to perform special attacks. Producer Choi Ji-won said, “Slave arms full of personality will appear in the future, so please look forward to it.”

    ‘Trying’ can be seen in the music. Producer Choi Ji-won said, “I thought a lot about music to represent the Belle Epoque style. Neowiz, a false developer of P, has DJMAX. P’s false music is performed by the DJMAX BGM team.

    The stage for ‘P’s Lies’ is France. The original is from Italy. Regarding the reason for the change of location, PD Choi Ji-won explained, “Italy is a country famous for antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance, but I thought it was a bit far from expressing the 19th century. . France is also a country that represents the Belle Epoque era.

    ▲ Paris, the city of romance, to ‘Gotham Paris’

    PD Choi Ji-won reorganized France, which is full of romantic images, into ‘Gotham Paris’. I decided to express the most beautiful city as a city that is dark, full of horror and madness. Because if you describe a beautiful French city in a miserable way, you will immediately get attention.

    Producer Choi Ji-won summarized, “The well-known Pinocchio is a fairy tale of adult cruelty, and by reinterpreting the Belle Époque era at the end of the 19th century, it has transformed the romantic French city image into a city of darkness and madness.” The efforts and concerns of PD Choi Ji-won to get out of the shadow of the existing soul-like were well shown. As a result, PD Choi Ji-won drew a higher level of interest than he expected.

    ▲ “Applied hair loss to the doll”

    When asked if it would be difficult to develop a console game in a console barren land, PD Choi Ji-won said, “There was no difficult experience because I always thought and prepared.” answered.

    As for the reason for choosing console games, he said, “I think there are areas where individuals can immerse themselves alone like novels and movies.