WoW: New paid transmog set is criticized by the community

A few days ago we got our first glimpse into Patch 9.2 of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Among other things, this will bring animal sets back into the game after they were removed a few years ago. The developers say they are “very excited” that tier sets are celebrating their return, which naturally begs the question of why they were removed in the first place.

Im accompanying video and also in one Blue-Post Blizzard shared some pictures of the new class sets and what they do.

New transmog set earns heavy criticism

Blizzard continues to have a few recently released new content for their in-game shop. Including one Baby Murloc that players can carry on their backs, and the “Ensemble of the Sky Observer”. The latter is a complete transmog set that costs a full 20 euros. In addition, there is that “Stargazing Package,“which includes the transmog set, the sky steed mount, and the pet Argi.

The ensemble looks pretty chic in itself and has some nice effects that are not currently available in the game. As some players correctly note, those featured see Tier sets don’t look particularly good in comparison, however. There is also some similarity between the putative Mage-class Animal Set and this new, paid set.

Of course, gamers aren’t particularly keen on having items for Real money look a lot better than what you can get in the game itself. The official World of Warcraft YouTube channel (buy now 14,99 €) actually has published a video for the set, but quickly set it back to “not listed”. Perhaps they didn’t want to annoy their fans further with controversial shop items after new allegations surrounding Bobby Kotick emerged recently. However, the new content is still in Store available.

Despite this, some players were able to get the Watch the trailer and give a lot of dislikes. The video currently has around 100 positive ratings and 3,600 negative ratings. In the comments on the video, users share their frustration that there is a lot of work in this paid item, but that the recently announced tier sets are more like the level gear from the Legion zone Argus.

Our all favorite streamer and YouTuber Asmongold also has published a video about the new items, in which he sharply criticizes the company’s “greed”.

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