WWE 2K22 is so different! Reorganization of controls, unveiling top-notch graphics

2Kand the visual concept 2022year 3released in month WWE 2K22has released a core update that is newly applied in.

first, Completely redesigned gameplay and animation engine for WrestleMania Dive next to the ring, kick out, I was able to feel the ending vividly.

In addition, the control method has been newly reorganized so that the player can intuitively control all movements of the player, and at the same time, the skill utilization has been improved..

WWE 2K It boasts the best graphics in the series.. NBA 2K The highest level of scanning and animation technology used in the series is applied., Adjusted the way the lighting works to create a realistic arena.

Featuring the most dynamic appearances in the history of the series, players can experience real life while playing the game. WWE You can feel like you are in the ring.

Along with this new WWE 2K Implement a showcase to help players become legendary WWE We plan to experience the representative games and moments of superstars so that they can be immersed in memories..

popular with fans MyGM mod is revived, Choose your own superstars, book matches or manage contracts to run the best sports and entertainment brands..

In addition, for the first time in the series, a new modeMyFACTIONat nWo(new world order)It is possible to directly build a legendary faction comparable to.

Players can now collect Superstars directly through weekly events and regular updates., manage, can upgrade.

together MyRISEAfter starting as a rookie through, become an immortal legend WWE You get the chance to experience the journey of a superstar.

A universe mode has also been added to the brand, PPV, match result, You can control your rivals, etc., Enhanced Creation Suite(Creation Suite)With so many options and fantasy elements, you can change yourself or things differently to get into the ring..

WWE 2K22detailed information about 2022year 1More to be released in May.

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