Sunday, November 28

x3 reward for participating in the Diamond Adversary series! GTA Online New Bonus Information Revealed

rockstar games GTA online diamond casino & The resort is offering bonuses and gifts on a variety of content, including double rewards..

coming 24Completing the Diamond Casino Heist Finale by the end of the day will earn you a red ‘Diamond’ Classic Tee as a free bonus., Participate in the Diamond Adversary series and get triple rewards.

Also casino command missions and casino story missions, in the drop zone GTA dollar and RPcan be obtained twice.

There are also various gifts for players.. this week GTA When you play online, you will receive the Weekend Racer emblem for the iconic Bravado Banshee., munitions cache & A declasse buckstar burrito is provided at Carry..

along with this Grand Theft Auto: trilogy With the Definitive Edition, players receive Liberty City Prison Coveralls as a gift..

On the test drive track, Emperor Vector and Dinka Jester RR, You can test drive the Pfister Growler., LS in the car meeting series 1Vapid Dominator to the player who placed first GTTis paid.

together LS Car Gathering members can double their Car Gathering reputation by completing a sprint this week.

GTA More information about online can be found on the website..

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