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[지스타] Why, What, and How Game Designers Do – Bang Bang-hoon’s Lecture | Ruri Web

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G-Star G-CON X IGC, Nexon Korea designer Bang Bang-hoon dealt with the general theory of game designers. After working on projects with various companies such as Webzen and Capcom, designer Bang Bang-hoon is currently the lead designer of Nexon’s ‘Project HP’.

The following lecture contents are written from the speaker’s point of view for convenience of understanding.

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If you say you make a game, then do you play all day? hear a lot of I don’t know now, but it was similar when I entered the industry. So why do people who don’t know much about the game industry say this? Because they don’t know what game development itself is. If you know a little bit, the work of making a program is quite far from that.

For example, I have a fellow UX designer, and my parents said they didn’t know exactly what I was doing. So, when you explain, “Make something like a button on your mom’s cell phone, why do you make it?” he said So what do alternative game designers do? How about a game designer? I would like to talk about the

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Game designers and game designers. In Korea, they are usually used with the same meaning, but they are not clearly explained and there is a subtle difference. Designers design, planners plan. That is, the planner is the initial project initiator, that is, the director or client. The designer is the person who materializes the project, and the planner we know is the designer.

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A game designer is a person who designs games, of course. So what is game design? It is a kind of game development process. A rough guess of the pipeline of game development is simple, but the more you learn about development, the more complicated it becomes. A game designer’s job throughout the development pipeline is to keep repeating this process throughout. After designing first, it is often checked to see if it is well made, tested after completion, and then returned to a design that revises and supplements through feedback.

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Game development as an industry is a complex collaboration among many people. For live services, endless iterations with no completion and no interruptions. It’s like aerial refueling.

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Game design can be divided into three stages: ideation-design-delivery. This may be a bit vague in concept. If so, convince yourself to organize your thoughts. How about expressing it as Game design is about organizing your thoughts and convincing others. In other words, it is a position where game designers have to think more deeply than others for a long time.

Why, What, How. Why? What should I do? What should I do? You have to keep thinking like that.

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For example, if the director asks you to design a party system, think first. Why do we need a party in our game? What do you need to make a party? how to make a party

First, go to why. Why do you need a party? Since it’s a multiplayer game, there may be reasons to share players’ progress and rewards, play with friends, etc. What should I make next? How many people in the party for the game? party venue? What is the Invite Ban feature? Then how? How do you organize a party? How are party function privileges divided? Delegation or reconnection rules?

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As such, the party system alone causes a lot of trouble. Even if it’s already part of another game. After you have been thinking about these things, you need to organize them. I need a way to play games with my real-life acquaintances, so I make a party. Definition of a party, a group that is primed before random matching is called a party. The party is for 1-4 people. Each function is for the party leader. Set these rules one by one.

Now I have to convince you with this. To persuade my colleagues to document my thoughts and arrangements. That is what we call a design review. It starts with a simple good or bad, and exchanges various opinions. This is also the process of being persuaded by my colleagues.

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If I had to choose one of the most important things out of these, I think why. If you do a design review, opinions continue to gather anyway, and better elements and methods come out. The most important part is to clarify the design intent. If you start with why and have a clear goal, you can reach your destination without being shaken. And there’s a difference between not accepting and not being shaken. It requires a posture that maintains the direction without losing the basic purpose, and if the goal is blurry, it will be swayed around and become strange.

So, it is now basic to put the design intent at the beginning when writing the proposal. But in addition to that, I write a design outline. Start with an outline, summarize the outline of the plan, explain the intention, and then explain the details.

I haven’t been able to confirm how effective this method is actually in concrete and numerical terms, but it seems that TD’s technical reviews are a little faster, and the review comments of fellow designers have increased a bit. Of course, there is no invincible all-round design document. All statements are relative and may apply differently from one organization to another.

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Organizing includes not only organizing thoughts, but also organizing the development progress. To organize the whole game management. This is the designer’s job. To some extent, it overlaps with the work of the development PM. Implementing this in progress, Driven. it is called How many things have been made, when can I test it, are there any parts that I have to make decisions in the middle of production, etc. You have to keep checking and correcting them.

Basically, these tasks are the responsibility of the person in charge such as the PM, but a cooperative attitude is very necessary. I need to know where my work started and where it is going. Not knowing who’s actually going to take the next step in my work can be incredibly painful.

Reporting is very important not only at the end of the work, but also in the middle. Interim reports are needed to brag when things are going well, to share the ease with which things are going, and to ask for help or come up with solutions when things aren’t going well. And it can reduce the risk of a retake that may occur in the future.

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Back to Playing Games, I’ll talk about the importance of reference games. In other words, when sharing or explaining a project, you describe it as ‘something like XX’. As such, it is often used to refer to certain other games or elements of games by reference, but it is quite dangerous and requires caution. For example, WoW, if you haven’t read the context, you can’t know which part of the many elements the game is referring to. Something like Overwatch Tracer? It’s also a bit narrow in scope, but still contains too much.

Basically, you have to clearly communicate your intentions. Even if you explain with such a reference, the listener may not have prior knowledge. For example, I don’t know who likes the Overwatch League more than the LoL league. This can be misleading if used incorrectly. If used incorrectly, it actually hinders communication. If you use Guroner well, you can reduce communication costs.

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Therefore, it is advantageous for all occupations to have a lot of game experience as a reference. It is recommended to play various games even if it is not a hobby.

If I had to prioritize the games to play, it would be something like this: 1st place is the game of the affiliated project. We must play the game we are making. Otherwise, the game design itself may be wrong. In addition, the reference game of the affiliated project is essential. For example, if the reference of the Aion development team is WoW, you need to know which ones to take and which ones to discard. Next, the representative works of the same genre as the affiliated project. A representative work of the market regardless of the project. It is the order of works, etc. according to personal hobbies.

Development work is fundamentally based on mutual respect and trust. Game designers are not omnipotent, and can only complete games with collaboration and help from other professions. And game design is an area that anyone can participate in. Other job groups may also make suggestions through various feedbacks.

Still, game designers are experts. Anyone can participate in the design, but in the end it is the designer who completes it. Without a good designer, what would be made would be just a copy game of a deteriorated version of an existing work.

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It is necessary to recognize that colleagues are allies together. It is the basic of the basics, but sometimes we forget. There are times when the work we are doing feels against each other, and political battles arise. You have to overcome that part. A fantasy existence in the industry, which is usually said, is a genius with excellent skills, although his personality is worn out. There is no such thing as a genius. But no one wants to work with him. After all, since it is an industry where we work together, we have to become people who want to collaborate with each other.

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And in order to become a good game designer, you must not give up studying Kook Young-soo. As the mother tongue, the Korean language is the basis of communication, and various expressions necessary for the game can be used. If you are fluent in English, you can easily get the knowledge of English-speaking developers, and you can unexpectedly get used to engine tools and various variable names. Mathematics helps you learn a sense of balance and solves game design problems efficiently. It is also a bonus to learn a logical way of thinking.

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Think in terms of game design. It is important to train your game design thinking. Why was this made while playing the game? how would you make it Why would you do this? to worry about. Again, game design is thinking, organizing, and persuasion. The most important question is why. It is also important to have the courage to ask questions if you have any questions.

● You emphasized game design thinking before, but are you deliberately conscious of playing the game?

Broadcasting Hoon: Rather, it is not. I play as a player all the time, and then I have time to think. As a developer, I feel like I’m reviewing after I’ve played everything. Sometimes it comes to mind while playing the game. It’s good to focus on the play first, and then think about it.

● Development doesn’t always work under ideal circumstances, but what if you joined or stopped a project in the middle?

Broadcasting Hoon: Both have experience. At IGC in 2015, one company talked about the collapse of five projects. The company has moved a lot. Even if you are in the middle, this basic, design, implementation, and verification is a continuous process, so you can take the next bus.

being interrupted. Interruption is not something I can do to stop it. We all stop there, and if given a chance, I think we will try to organize it. Document it, back it up, or put it in a company-wide library.

The problem with handover is that usually retirees leave the company excitedly, so they do not prepare well for handover. it’s real However, there must be one already made, and if not, just create it from scratch. If there is, there is probably already running program code, and it is fastest to ask the programmer about it. On the other hand, I don’t know why, but the game is running? Then everyone should get together and discuss. Is it some kind of reverse planning?

● Game designers often start in other careers, where did you start?

Broadcasting Hoon: I started with QA. I was also the head of the QA part. Then one day, the development team PD pulled me into design and an opportunity arose. So, on the contrary, I don’t know programming and I don’t know art. I started in such a situation, and of course I didn’t know, so I asked everything. It was such a natural choice.

● I am thinking of QA as my future hope. As a designer, what do you want QA to do? And what do you think is an exemplary collaboration posture for QA?

Broadcasting Hoon: First of all, in functional QA, when making a game internally, we have to assume that it always works properly and works as intended. So when you actually go into the game and get unexpected results, problems arise. It is very good if you block this part in QA in advance.

And I don’t know who made it how the players will feel about it. It is similar to feeding others to taste while cooking. After the actual development process, QA is received after the game is made to some extent. That is, the qualitative part of the fun QA. In fact, QA helps a lot with this. Often, in the qualitative part, there are people who tell me that this is only fun to some extent, and that the figures are small.

● There is a story that novelists write with their hips, not their hands. Patience and consistency are so important. What are the best qualities and virtues as a game designer?

Broadcasting Hoon: Someone who wants to make something. And maintaining the state that there is something you want to make. If you don’t have that idea from the beginning, or you can’t make everything you want to make, then you don’t have the will to develop. You just get paid and work. If I was motivated, I would have worked harder to set, search, and create, and just stick to my habit, and there is a lot of room for the game to become [email protected] I think it’s important to always keep something you want to make.

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]

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