Sunday, November 28

1st place ‘Hyunwoo’ jacket! Eternal Return First Bread Victory Strongest Match Day 1

The survival battle royale game, ‘Eternal Return’, held ‘The Best Fight for the First Time’ at the G-Star 2021 site. The commentary was handled by caster Kim Young-il, as well as Hwang Blin and ibis. The commentator Hwang Blin came in wearing a Hyeonu jacket from the field, and the prize for the best match is also presented to the 1st place with a Hyeonu jacket, and Aya + Police Aya skin is also given as a participation prize.

The best match is a 17:1 battle between the influencer and the user, and will be conducted in a total of two solo modes. The influencers invited this Saturday are comedians ‘Jaewoo Kim’ and ‘Wanseo Kang’, and since it is a solo mode, two influencers are also scheduled to face each other. In particular, comedian Kim Jae-woo asked if he could get a Hyeon-woo jacket at the scene, and as soon as he said it was possible, he showed confidence that he would pick up the jacket and try it in his hand.

Round 1 started by showing Jae-woo Kim’s screen. From the night of the first day, several users engaged in battles all over Lumia Island, and Kim Jae-woo’s ‘Magnus’ was quickly retired. And before the morning of the 2nd day came, Kang Wan-seo’s ‘Berness’ also came to an end, so the first round of the two influencers ended here. However, the users’ game was not over, and on the night of the second day, they gathered at the port to compete. The user who took first place in the glory was ‘G-Star 23’, who played Kiara.

From the 2nd round, the fight between users intensified, and the death toll continued from the day of the 1st day. Kim Jae-woo and Kang Wan-seo continued to farm and plan for the second half. However, Jae-woo Kim met Hye-jin in the middle and engaged in a battle, but was eventually eliminated due to Hye-jin’s onslaught. And then, Kang Wan-seo’s Bernice died to Hyeon-woo, whom he met during the day on the second day, and failed to acquire the Hyeon-woo jacket again this time. This time, on the night of the second day, they decided to gather in a downtown area to compete, and the winner was ‘G-Star 14’, who played Hyeonu.

Users Kiara and Hyeonu, who won the 1st and 2nd rounds, came down and left their impressions. A 25-year-old Kiara user, who came down from Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, said, “I started from season 3 and reached the platinum tier.” . The winners won the Hyeonu jacket, and at the same time, the influencers wore the jackets directly to the winners.

The next best fight will be held at 1 pm on the 21st, and the singer ‘Ji Sook’, a singer from the group Rainbow, and ‘Lee Doo-hee’, who is well known as her husband and programmer, are ready to appear.

▲ As always, commentator Hwang Blin is wearing a Hyeonu jacket.

▲ Kim Jae-woo, a comedian who declares war from the first appearance

▲ “Children!!!”

▲ Puppies who respond (?)

▲ Comedian Kang Wan-seo has a relatively decent appearance…

▲ I don’t think so

▲ Kim Jae-woo’s Magnus, who has been lying cold since the first night

▲ Kim Wan-seo’s Bernice also fought hard, but it was not enough.

▲ “Huh? Do I have more time?”

▲ Two people, especially Luke, beaten up by the cameraman

▲ I fought hard this time

▲ Everyone is equal in front of Hyeonu

▲ It’s the same with winning

▲ The two users who acquired the Hyeonu jacket this time

▲ Hyeonu player directly showed Hyeonu’s trademark back view

▲ Influencers wearing jackets for the two winners

▲ The finale ended with a commemorative photo.

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