Can Battlefield 2042 Be Saved? – Talk with Fabian Siegismund

For the release of Battlefield 2042 we draw a podcast conclusion with Fabian Siegismund.

Battlefield 2042 has finally arrived, and we wish it hadn’t been followed by a “but” or “unfortunately”.

But unfortunately there is a lot to talk about. Because the start was bumpy, bugs and performance problems jammed the flow of the game, and some design decisions that sounded great on paper now turn out to be at least worth discussing – such as the huge maps for 128 players.

What good is this Battlefield 2042 now? And what does Dice have to change so that it doesn’t disappear into insignificance? Our Battlefield experts Dimi and Phil discuss this in a podcast with Fabian Siegismund!

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Fabian used to be a GameStar editor, today he plays on his Siegismund channel Youtube and Twitch especially multiplayer shooters like Battlefield 2042 or Hunt: Showdown – including guide videos for everyone who wants to get into these games.

Hunt: Showdown is a good keyword, because with »Hazard Zone« even a game mode of Battlefield 2042 is similar to the Crytek shooter. What does Fabian say about it? And has Dimi’s ambiguous impression of “Hazard Zone” changed in the meantime?

Despite all the criticism, one has to say: Battlefield 2042 can also be different! The game has great moments even in portal mode.

These moments could only be even better if Dice hadn’t slouched with game and map design. That disappoints Phil especially – especially after Dice announced that he wanted to go full throttle in the “Next Generation Battlefield”.

Fabian also misses things that worked well in previous Battlefields – but at the same time has a lot of fun with the game. So: what good is this Battlefield 2042 now?

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