In charge of RGB at G-Star, Essencore Cleve Exhibition Zone at Market Inven Booth

▲ Market Inven Cleve exhibition zone in Inven booth in charge of RGB of 2021 G-Star

“Can you turn off the lights?”

The advertisement that had the most impact last year, ‘Make it, the light of your body’ is actually a video focused on product promotion. This is an advertisement video for KLEVV, a consumer brand of ESSENCORE, which mainly deals with storage devices such as USB and SSD, focusing on the memory used in PCs.

As the video spread, it spawned a lot of derived humor, and Cleve’s domestic activities after that were outstanding. Again this year, a new concept advertisement featuring a T1 player, ‘Take it, our memory’ was introduced. Not only that, but Cleve is currently sponsoring LCK and T1. Cleve is constantly thinking and moving to become more familiar with domestic gamers.

To be honest, the intersection between the two topics, gamer and memory, is still not that great. If you’re a gamer like me who has a lot of interest in IT products, you might not know, because there aren’t that many people who like both. That’s why I’m pushing RGB on the Cleve. I thought that the common denominator with gamers that Cleve thought was colorful RGB memory.

▲ Cleve wants to constantly communicate with domestic gamers. So will you turn the lights off? Part 2 was born.

If you think about Cleve products in front of you, they are all gamer-related elements. In addition to the RGB RAM introduced above, the basic memory that uses black rather than the universal green for gamers who prefer all-black, external SSD for users who enjoy console games using multi-platform, and thick heat sink at a reasonable price. To products that focus solely on cost-effectiveness. It is not the nuance of ‘100% this product is for gamers!’, but it conveys the feeling that we are always thinking of gamers.

Cleve wants to get closer to domestic gamers through this G-Star. In the Market Inven Kleb exhibition zone in the Inven booth, you can see a variety of Kleb’s products and purchase the products you like at a special price through the QR code. In addition, if you follow KLEVV on Instagram, we were running a lottery event where you can find prizes such as LCK Team Keyring Toy, T1 Player Photo Card, and Cleve USB.

I took a picture of the Market Inven Cleve exhibition zone in the Inven booth, which is responsible for the splendid RGB of this 2021 G-Star.

▲ Market Inven Cleve Exhibition Zone in Inven Booth ready to welcome guests

▲ You can also see KLEVV x T1 advertisement video in the exhibition zone.

▲ White + RGB sensibility body composed of Cleve memory and SSD

▲ Cleve is in charge of G-Star’s RGB this year.

▲ It’s brilliant.

▲ Good things are big

▲ I think I understand why you want to turn off the lights

▲ Recently appeared in the squid game Bubble (Dalgona) The draw is so fashionable.

▲ No bang? I absolutely have to

▲ Show the Instagram follow screen

▲ Challenge the jackpot prize

▲ Excitement

▲ KLEVV x LCK T-shirt!

▲ The prize consists of KLEVV products, LCK, T1 goods, etc.

▲ Where…

▲ LCK Keyring Toy won! This is personally the most greedy gift.

▲ A special discount sale is in progress at the booth site.

▲ You can purchase with a special discount applied with a QR code

▲ Let’s take a look at the exhibited products. ‘KLEVV CRAS C720’ with DRAM buffer

▲ If you are curious about the high-speed performance of PCIe Gen4? ‘KLEVV CRAS C920’

▲ ‘KLEVV CRAS C710’, a basic SSD but with a black sensibility

▲ The main character of this G-Star installed on the PC in the exhibition zone! ‘KLEVV CRAS C700 RGB’

▲ The main character of the video, ‘KLEVV CRAS X RGB’

▲ External SSD that fits in one hand, ‘KLEVV R1 Portable’

▲ ‘KLEVV BOLT X’ with improved heat dissipation efficiency with an aluminum heat sink

▲ Is it BOLT x2? ‘KLEVV BOLT XR’ with impressive thick heat sink

▲ Heat sink + RGB = KLEVV. Beautiful ‘KLEVV CRAS XR RGB’ whether the lights are on or off

▲ ㅇ… What does this mean.. Cleve’s slogan is always pleasant.