Let’s meet at the G-Star Market Inven booth, the first Secret Lab experience zone in Korea

▲ “I am Batman”

Singapore’s high-end gaming chair brand, ‘Secretlab’, has recently been showing aggressive activities, starting with Riot, LCK, and domestic e-sports team T1. In addition, as collaboration products with various dinosaur IPs are also introduced at a fast cycle, domestic gamers are increasingly aware of the Secret Lab gaming chair.

There are no major problems with product sales and promotion, but as the time of entry into Korea overlaps with the corona pandemic, the space where you can experience the Secret Lab chair, an overseas product, is still very limited. Currently, the only places in Korea where you can experience the Secret Lab chair are Riot Fishbang in Roll Park and the T1 HQ shop in the T1 office building.

A chair is a way to sit and watch and live. Secret Lab operates an experience zone for the first time in a domestic exhibition for fans who are curious about high-end gaming chairs. At Market Inven in the Inven booth, which participated in ‘G-Star 2021’ held from November 17th to 21st.

There are three types of chairs that can be experienced, the new ‘Secret Lab TITAN Evo 2022 series’ introduced this year. In the Market Inventor Experience Zone, you can sit in ‘Stealth’ with Neo hybrid leather, ‘Cookies and Cream’ with SoftWeave Plus fabric outer skin of Secret Lab that fits comfortably on the skin, and ‘Dark Knight Edition’ released through DC Comics license.

In addition, during the exhibition period, an SNS event that can only be participated in the field was in progress. After taking a picture with the Secret Lab chair, upload it to your personal SNS along with the required tag, and Secret Lab products will be presented through a lottery. In addition, a special discount code for G-Star that can be checked on site was also being distributed. I took a picture of the Market Inven experience zone in G-Star’s Inven booth along with Secret Lab’s products that landed in Korea despite the corona pandemic.

▲ Market Inven Secret Lab Experience Zone in Inven Booth

▲ For reference, this is the first of its kind in Korea. A pop-up also appears on the Secret Lab’s official site

▲ Discount codes distributed on site and SNS authentication giveaway events are in progress.

▲ Secret Lab experience zone for visitors to the Inven booth

▲ Couple visitors experience

▲ You can take a nap

▲ Giveaway event not to be missed

▲ Inven Friends Deokgu Don’t work, rest come

▲ “Hey, it’s hard to play.”

▲ “Kari, here it is”

▲ Secret Lab experience zone where Inven Friends Kari and Deokgu enjoyed themselves

▲ Starting with Inven Friends, many cosplayers came to play. FPS craftsmen too

▲ Did you leave your wings behind? be an angel

▲ I also came to play in Wonsin, a neighboring town

▲ Jun cosplayer who is not Batman but fits the word The Dark Knight

▲ Isn’t this the Dark Knight exclusive model?

▲ Beautiful. of course the chair

▲ “At the scene of the massacre, I bloom”

▲ The middle manager of the squid game also experienced

▲ I asked if I brought a ticket because I wanted to participate in the game, and the answer came back with a gun.

▲ Get dalgona instead!

▲ ??? Deadpool broke into the Secret Lab experience zone

▲ Good spectators running away in a hurry. “I’ve got 12 bullets”

▲ “I will die at the end too~”

▲ “What, haven’t you been home yet?”

▲ 2021 G-Star’s comfortable shelter, Market Inven’s Secret Lab Experience Zone