Luca app reveals: This is where people get infected the most

The fourth corona wave is rolling over Germany, the incidences are reaching new record highs. A comprehensive analysis by the makers of the Luca app now shows where most people in this country get infected. The numbers should be viewed with a bit of caution, however.

Luca app shows where the Corona hotspots are in Germany

The makers of the Luca app carried out a representative analysis with completely anonymized data from October 2021. 181,072 corona warning messages were recorded and categorized. According to the contact tracking evaluation, find Infections especially in clubs and bars instead, although here, too, great differences can be observed.

According to the analysis, are 49.1 percent of the warnings on clubs traced back. Bars are represented with 23.2 percent, restaurants make up 10.9 percent. As the fourth larger group, according to the Luca app, events and events are affected with 7.8 percent.

Clear fewer warnings received through cinemas (1.7 percent). Museums, theaters and other cultural institutions together account for 0.9 percent. The situation is similar for sport with 0.8 percent and for swimming pools and spas with 0.6 percent. In retail, 1.0 percent of all warnings were reported to the Luca app (source: Luca).

How does the Luca app actually work? The answer is in the Video:

Luca app: There are of course more cases where there is a check

In the analysis there are no statements about Number of respective check-ins to find. Accordingly, it is difficult to assess from the data alone whether the risk of corona infection is actually higher in clubs and bars than elsewhere. In these areas in particular, the Luca app is used more often as a check-in than, for example, in the theater or in retail.

Regardless of the data, however, it is also clear that a Minimum distance is much easier to keep in a sprawling museum than in a packed club, where loud communication encourages the spread of aerosols.