Sunday, November 28

Netflix highlights at the weekend: Korean fantasy series is reminiscent of Squid Game

The Korean director from Train zu Busan is shaking a new fantasy series up his sleeve on Netflix this weekend: Hellbound tells the story of horrific fantasy beings who appear to banish people to Hell. At the same time, a dubious sect gains more and more power in society.


Stream Hellbound on Netflix now.

After Squid Game, the next promising Korean series is already appearing on Netflix: Sang-ho Yeon, director of the highly acclaimed zombie film Train To Busan (Recommendation!) stand behind Hellbound, a fantasy horror series in which mysterious monsters banish people to hell. In addition to the suddenly appearing beings, a brutal sect is gaining more and more power. As the city sinks into chaos, a group of people tries to research the true origins of the religious group.

Check out the stunning Hellbound trailer:

Arcane, Episode 7-9

Streams the entire first season of Arcane on Netflix.

The animated Fantasy-Serie Arcane goes into the last round: The Final Episode 7-9 appeared on Netflix today on Saturday. Arcane is the new surprise hit in the streaming service and has a rating of whole 9.4 / 10 on IMDB. The series is based on the Moba League of Legends, but you don’t have to be a fan of the game or have any idea about it. Give the series a chance if you like fantasy!

In Arcane, two rival cities engage in civil war, with magical drugs and hextech endowing some people with supernatural powers. Families and friends are torn apart and try to find each other again in the chaos.

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Cowboy Bebop

Start streaming Cowboy Bebop on Netflix starting today.

The first reviews of the live action series Cowboy Bebop are mixed: While some praise the series sky-high, others are disappointed. Perhaps it is best if you make up your own mind: With Cowboy Bebop, the adaptation of a world-famous anime finds its way to Netflix. In the series, you follow Spike Spiegel and his crew of bounty hunters through space in search of the worst criminals (with the highest bounty).

Here is the trailer for the crazy science fiction show:

A few days ago, Netflix also had a negative impact: The science fiction series Star Trek: Discovery was completely removed from Netflix shortly before the release of the fourth season. All seasons of Discovery and the new season can only be streamed on Paramount + again in 2022. Paramount + will come to Germany next year on Sky.

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