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Shift Up, ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’, communicates with online audiences at 12:30 pm on the 20th | Ruri Web

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– G-Star 2021’s most talked-about work, ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ detailed information released

– Broadcast on the ‘G-Star TV’ channel and the game’s official YouTube channel

On the 20th, Shift Up will broadcast an interview with the developer titled ‘Shift Up’s new work, Nike: Goddess of Victory’ through the ‘G-Star TV’ channel on the 20th.

In this video, it consists of various things that users may be curious about, such as an interview between CEO Kim Hyung-sik and director Hyung-suk Hyung, candid talks by the developers of ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’, and the undisclosed concept room of ‘Project: Eve’.

The game creator, Seong-Hye Kim, who conducted the interview, called shift-up developers ‘artists of 2D (2D) cutting’, and opened up a barrage of questions to the shift-up developers, answering users’ curiosity.

Shift Up Director Hyung-seok Hyung said, “I would like to thank the users who visited the Shift-Up booth at this G-Star and actively enjoyed ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’. I prepared a video so that you can do it, so I hope you can join us online as well.”

Online visitors will be invited to the G-Star TV channel at 12:30 pm on the 20th (Sat). to view the video. After the broadcast, ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ YouTube channel ( can be viewed through

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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