The Sonos Sub (WLAN subwoofer) is currently on offer

If there is a lot of bang in the home theater or if the deep bass has to shake with a new trap hit, then a subwoofer is needed. The Sonos Sub is the ideal complement for the Sonos One, the Sonos Beam and many other Sonos speakers – but also a bit expensive. GIGA shows you where you can save a lot on Black Friday 2021.

Sonos Sub (3rd Gen) reduced at Euronics

At Euronics (Tettnang) it is 3rd generation Sonos Sub currently for 649 euros (plus 5.99 euros shipping costs). A very good price – we expect the offer to sell out quickly.

Price history of the Sonos Sub: Price stable with a few exceptions

The Sonos Sub (3rd Gen.) costs an impressive 849 euros from the manufacturer. In stores you can usually find offers of around 730 euros. This is of course a decent saving compared to the manufacturer’s price – on the other hand, you rarely get significantly below that. It is a fairly stable product, and bargain hunters should pay more attention to regional offers. Our recommendation: If the price for the Sonos Sub (3rd gen.) Falls somewhere below 650 euros, then you can strike with a clear conscience.

Sonos Sub: What makes the subwoofer so popular?

The Sonos Sub is a popular loudspeaker – and there are several reasons for that. First of all, you have to rely on a Sonos product within a Sonos multiroom system, and the Sonos Sub is intended for the bass. Other subwoofers cannot be integrated. The other way around also applies: The Sonos Sub is not compatible with systems from other manufacturers. Fortunately, it is a technically successful product, which numerous test reports attest to good performance.

There is also an Ethernet connection on the Sonos Sub, so it can be connected directly to the router (Image: Sonos)

The network subwoofer is a clear gain for smaller Sonos loudspeakers (e.g. Sonos One), which are thus supported in the lowest frequencies. The bass from the Sonos Sub doesn’t drown out the mids and highs, but comes in almost seamlessly – we have tried it out in various combinations and can confirm that it is a recommendable addition. Only the price is a certain inhibition threshold. An important note at the end: The 3rd generation Sonos Sub is only compatible with the newer Sonos S2 app. Those who still rely on the old app have to look around for previous models on the used market.

All information about Black Friday 2021 at a glance:

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