Try a high-performance laptop and go! G-Star Lenovo Legion Brand Zone

The second morning of 2021 G-Star has already dawned. When I first joined G-Star, everything was awkward and stupid, but now I’m used to taking my laptop and going into the press room. In this way, if there are not only events but also outside coverage and telecommuting, the laptop becomes a reliable companion in itself. Since the reporter’s laptop is used more frequently, I feel that the scratches are increasing one by one and I feel that the performance is also deteriorated.

I put a lightweight laptop on my purchase list considering moving and work, but the recently started high-end game caught my eye, so I deviated from the path and is considering a gaming laptop with a graphics card. Finish work early at the dorm and play games (Write it as a game and read it as homework), I couldn’t be more envious of my fellow reporter.

Anyway, back to the main point, there was a reason to visit the booth as a single visitor at G-Star 2021, which was thought to be a place of business. This is because you can experience gaming laptops in the Lenovo region brand zone in the Inven booth. Wouldn’t it be a hundred thousand times better to try it out yourself than to find reviews on the Internet and go 30,000 miles to the purchase process?

So, I went to the Lenovo Region Brand Zone and tried the laptop myself. Who knows. If you like the experience, you may want to maximize your cravings and go straight to online purchases.

▲ Lenovo region brand zone? I can’t stand it

▲ When I saw the line, it said ‘I’m good at controlling my desires for experience’.

▲ It seems to be a new lineup. Lenovo Legion 6th Gen

▲ The mouse in the brand zone is a Lenovo Legion M300.

▲ Not Ben X, Lenovo Legion 5i Pro

▲ GeForce RTX 30 series VGA and Intel 11th generation processors are installed

▲ The price is said to be from 170,000 won. The amount seems to vary depending on the option configuration.

▲ The bezel is really thin. I like it

▲ Curved keycaps are applied for a higher sense of distinction than normal keycaps

▲ Next is the Lenovo Legion 7i

▲ The input/output ports are located on the back of the laptop. It looks like a desktop.

▲ Like the 5i Pro, the 7i is equipped with an Intel 11th generation processor and RTX 30 series VGA.

▲ As with the high-end specifications, the Gears of War game runs smoothly.

▲ A part of Coldfront 3.0 that Lenovo Legion is proud of. LEDs come out of the vents.

▲ Playing games during work_time.jpg

▲ Keyboard with Corsair iCUE RGB LED

▲ The screen looks clear because it is 2560*1600 (WQXGA) resolution

▲ Let’s play several games

▲ 165Hz high refresh rate experience is nothing like the racing genre

▲ How was the Lenovo Legion laptop?

▲ Visitors giving a vote for the stylish design

▲ Since it is a notebook experience zone that runs non-stop, I gave one vote for heat control.

The strengths of the Lenovo Legion 6th generation lineup are divided into strong thermal management, gaming performance from 165W TGP, and stylish design and outstanding display. TGP (Total Graphics Power) refers to the maximum amount of power supplied to the graphics card. The Lenovo Region software ‘Region AI Engine’ maximized the GPU utilization to show satisfactory gaming performance.

The display sector is also high-performance. Lenovo Legion 5i Pro, 7i Both laptops have 165Hz displays, and the 7i supports 2560*1600 (WQXGA) resolution. The WQXGA resolution standard may be a little unfamiliar, but you can think of the resolution as a ratio increasing the top and bottom of the general 16:9 aspect ratio. I’m guessing it’s more readable when working with documents. In addition, the bezel thickness of a regular laptop is about 15mm, whereas a region laptop is only 6mm, so the display feels full.

Personally, I like the cooling system. In particular, there are a total of 4 vents on the back, side and back of the laptop, so exhaust and intake are performed efficiently. Also, the space between the bezel and the keyboard is usually hot due to the nature of the gaming laptop, but it was slightly warm when I put my hand on the product in the brand zone. Even considering the fact that there is a cooling pad at the bottom of the notebook in the experience hall, it is a product that has been running high-end games throughout the G-Star event, but I think it may be because of the cold front 3.0 cooling technology.