Two hands full, both hands heavy! G-Star Inven booth full of prizes

▲ Two hands full, both hands heavy!

2021 G-Star is returning to an offline event after two years, and Inven also came to a bigger booth than before for this 2021 G-Star audience. We have prepared various and fun events as well as generous prizes that you can carry with both hands so that you do not feel empty when you return home.

Among the various events prepared by the Inven booth, the first is the Inven Stamp Tour event. If you enjoy the brand (Lenovo Legion, Essencore Cleve, Secret Lab, White Night Light, Arche-Age) experience zone and various mini-games in the Inven booth, you can get the corresponding stamp, and complete 3 essential missions and 1 or more optional missions. If you do, you can win an entry ticket.

Second, there is a simple event where you can take a photo at the Inven booth and present a gift if you authenticate it on SNS (Instagram) or Inven. For this event, you must add a photo tag (@invenfriends_official) and a hashtag (#InvenFriends#MarketInven#2021G-Star) when you authenticate on social media.

And lastly, it’s a chamcham game with our Inven’s mascots, Inven Friends Kari and Deokgu. If you win the game by applying for a game challenge to Cari and Deokgu in the Inven Friends booth, various prizes will be presented. What you need to check is that Cari and Deokgu operate according to the time table, so it is recommended to check the time carefully before visiting.

The backstory is undeniable. Let’s meet with photos of the scene of the Inven booth surrounded by many visitors.

▲ Full of spectators in front of the Inven booth

▲ The stamp tour is full of people who start and finish it.

▲ Many people are taking pictures at the Inven Friends booth

▲ Describes the stamp tour in detail

▲ It is written on the banner in front of the booth, so please check it

▲ Inven booth development

▲ Various stamp tour missions and Secret Lab chair event

▲ Woolley and Chapu at the Inven Friends booth

▲ It is very popular.

▲ Next, you can check the Inven booth SNS authentication event X-banner

▲ Of course, the Inven booth will also explain it kindly.

▲ When you look at the cute Karikiring, you can’t miss it.

▲ Cari and Deokgu’s chamcham event!

▲ Inven Friends Insa Deokgu

▲ Dabong

▲ Dabong 2

▲ There is always Kari with a shy expression

▲ Kari looks embarrassed

▲ One cut together!

▲ The squid game manager, which is a hot topic these days, has also arrived.

▲ Now let’s get to the real chamcham

▲ Audience: Slow

▲ Deokgu’s expert no-look snap

▲ I’m not hitting.

▲ We are close

▲ Kari and Deokgu, who suddenly disappeared, are on a booth tour.

▲ Deokgu showing his talent in the White Night Geukgwang

▲ Kari is with famous streamers Quin Dami and Water Lily.

▲ This is the first time I envy dolls.

▲ Streamer Trainee

▲ Streamer Queen Dami

▲ One cut from the Inven Friends booth!

▲ Good bye…

▲ I travel a lot.

▲ Why are you standing here?

▲ It’s suspicious…

▲ I think I came here to show my game skills.

▲ There is nothing that Deokgu can’t do

▲ Happy Cari and Deokgu

▲ Now I have to go to work…

▲ This is the cute Cari and Deokgu who have returned to their main job.

▲ Come and play at the Inven booth with various events and prizes!