‘White Night Polar Light’ appeared in the Inven booth!

Puy Gumming. My friends call this game like this. It turns out that if you try to guess how the name ‘White Night Polar Light’ is guessed, it becomes Pui Guming… It’s like that. The strategy-type puzzle RPG game distributed by Tencent, the White Night Gourmet, also came to the Inven booth. We even give you a ‘gift’!

White Night Polaris portrays a journey to regain light for the future in a world of advanced science and mystical magic, a planet heading towards the end. It became a topic of discussion with the combination of the four attributes of fire, water, lightning, and forest, as well as a battle using a skill combo that moves forward like drawing a line, and attractive character designs and famous illustrators. Now my friends are also highly recommending the White Night Polaris.

The White Night Polar Light booth that came to G-Star was very popular. First of all, there is also a place where you can demonstrate the White Night Polar Light yourself, so many visitors played games at the booth, and many people participated in the on-site event. In addition, I had the opportunity to see ‘Northern Extra Story’ in advance at the site.

And at the same time, valuable people came from other places. These are ‘Team CSL”s Lua, Choyeol, and influencers Suyeonsunnim and Queen Dami. Lua took on the role of ‘Karen’, the character of the White Night Light, Choyeol as ‘Vice’, Suryun as ‘Pilisi (dream skin)’, and Quindami as ‘Hiiro’. This time, we also prepared photos of cosplayers and influencers, so please don’t miss it and scroll down.

Various event prizes were also prepared. If you meet all the conditions for the event, you will receive a white night light character postcard, which is given out just by visiting, and a white night light paper bag, acrylic stand, and acrylic key chain at once. The White Night Polar Light booth is a great opportunity to receive goods and experience the stage in advance. Take a look at what it looked like in a photo!

▲ From a distance, does the real logo look like Pui Guming?

▲ The entire scene of the White Night Polar Light Inven booth!

▲ On the floor, you can see the puzzle-type tiles that are the identity of the White Night Light!

▲ I tried this, but the account is full of levels.

▲ It is also essential to sanitize your hands before playing games.

▲ At every moment, people gathered and enjoyed the midnight sun.

▲ 14 combos!

▲ The line kept getting longer.

▲ Whoa, it’s bubbling

▲ Goods were also given to on-site events.

▲ In commemoration of G-Star, we were able to pre-play the Extra Story!

▲ First of all, along with a postcard with a picture of the character

▲ Acrylic stand and key ring were also provided.

▲ The paper bag is really pretty too.

▲ Photo taken before the cosplayers came! After that, photos of cosplayers follow. Please enjoy!

▲ First of all, this is Team CSL’s Lua and Choyeol.

▲ Take a picture with Deokgu from Inven Friends!

▲ And those who are not humble!

▲ Who are you?

▲ These were the influencers Soo-Ryun-nim and Queen Dami-nim!

▲ Stop by the Inven booth and see the ‘Diva’ figure

▲ Suryun Suryun and Queen Dami who took pictures of Inven Friends’ Kariwa

▲ He was also seen welcoming fans with sincerity.

▲ This scenery is finished with a photo of cosplayers and influencers!