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[지스타] Odin: Valhalla Rising, World Dungeon, Chapter 5 Muspelheim, Siege, etc. Preview Updates | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

At 12:35 pm on the 21st, the last day of G-Star, Kakao Games aired a ‘large-scale update to preview Odin’ for users of the MMORPG ‘Odin: Valhalla Rising’ through YouTube’s Quip TV channel.

PD Lee Han-soon, who is in charge of development, introduced ‘World Dungeon’, which competes by participating in battles for the same goal as other server users. In World Dungeon, servers of the same group with the same name (Odin servers 1 to 9) are matched, and the top 3 guilds with the highest combat power in each server are eligible to participate.

It consists of a total of 3 stages, and the guilds that have defeated the boss in each stage advance to the final stage, the guild that defeated the last boss acquires the item, and the server belonging to the victorious guild wins until the next content is opened. you will get a buff You can form alliances with participating guilds on other servers while the content is in progress, and there is a possibility that you will get better results if you cooperate as much as three guilds are participating in one server.

Kim Bum AD explained about ‘Chapter 5 -Muspelheim-‘ scheduled to be updated at the end of December. This world with hot lava fields and a ravaged gray landscape is a zone that symbolizes the feeling of fire, and the overall field is a gray environment that has been burnt down.

As this is a high-level area for max-level players, new types of monsters that have not been seen before will appear. Monsters that are burning or have a much stronger appearance than existing monsters will appear, and monsters with powerful stats will appear. As the boss monster, real mythical characters such as Audumra appear, and the most symbolic boss monster is Surut, which causes Ragnarok in the myth, and is the largest humanoid monster in the game (only half of the upper body can be barely seen). degree) as a field boss and become a raid target.

Jang Yong-hoon, the planning team leader in charge of the introduction of ‘Siege War’, applies for the siege by guild units, and guilds that satisfy the conditions fight for the owner of the castle. It is said that it is being developed so that individuals can participate in a state where gender is guaranteed. At this time, the guild that became the owner of the castle will acquire a diamond sales fee set at the exchange and guild auction along with a special victory reward.

In Odin’s siege, you can climb up the wall without the enemy’s knowledge while your allies are attacking the castle gate or infiltrate through the glide. In addition, it is known that a barricade object will be introduced in preparation for the part where there is no collision between characters, and a special skill dedicated to siege warfare capable of ‘gilmak’ tactics is being developed.

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