Announcement to Vodafone: Telekom wants to put the cable network in the shade

Internet for the home is no longer just over the phone. DSL, VDSL, cable, fiber optics, cellular communications or even satellite – everything is possible. If you believe Telekom, fiber optics are superior. Vodafone should not stand a chance with its television cables.

Gigabit speed is currently the gold standard in the landline internet. Anyone who can already use a pure fiber optic connection (FTTH) can access the Internet faster than anyone else – or at least almost. Because surfing the Internet at 1 Gbit / s, Vodafone also offers this via cable. In the Telekom still has a clear advantage.

Telekom shares: Internet via TV cable is limited

“The cable network operators have two limitations”, as Ralph Leppla Network Innovation Center of Telekom explains in a video from the company (source: Telekom). “The missing fiber in the last mile and the high splitting ratio. ”In other words, the possible speed suffers from slow house connections and, in the worst case, up to 200 customers would have to share the bandwidth. This is not aimed directly at Vodafone, but as the largest cable network operator in Germany, the top is clearly aligned.

Things are different at Telekom. On the one hand, because they rely on FTTH connections and thus lay fast fiber optic cables into the house or even into individual residential units. On the other hand, they would Bandwidth distributed over a maximum of 32 customer connections.

While the cable network is now being upgraded to the new Docsis 3.1 connection standard and Docsis 4.0 (with up to 10 GBit / s) is being planned, the next step for Telekom is called XGS-PON. This is also used to enable 10 GBit / s in both directions. When it comes to the question of the competition, telecom technician Leppla is certain you can keep up “and even more than that”. In the future, data should be sent in the fiber optic network with up to 50 Gbit / s.

Whether by cable or fiber optic, fast internet needs a good WLAN network. Our shows what you have to pay attention to Video:

Whether Vodafone or Telekom: Those who do not deliver must expect losses

It remains to be seen whether cable network operators like Vodafone or companies like Telekom, which are increasingly relying on fiber optics, will win the race. In any case, customers can easily check whether your provider keeps what it promises. From December 1st, if it is not the case, you can reduce your monthly payments or even have the option of special cancellation.