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Battlefield 2042 on the ground: Veriss on Steam, a lot of criticism in tests

Battlefield 2042 has been playable for everyone since November 19th, so there are now many tests and user opinions. As our overview shows, the shooter often doesn’t do well.

This also applies to our own rating, especially when compared to previous titles in the series. You can find them in the detailed GameStar test for Battlefield 2042:

Battlefield 2042 in the test: What a battlefield


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Battlefield 2042 in the test: What a battlefield

The mixed ratings are no longer surprising in view of the problems that arose in the run-up to the release and especially in the early access phase. In this form they are nevertheless remarkable for a battlefield.

Destructive user ratings: This becomes particularly clear on Steam. Currently, Battlefield 2042 has only 25 percent positive reviews, according to this corresponds to a total of 50,645. Only 119 other games or 0.23 percent of all Steam titles are rated lower at the moment. Our release summary also shows the reasons for this:

Battlefield 2042 - release conclusion: unfinished and out with it!


Battlefield 2042 – release conclusion: unfinished and out with it!

The international press judges loudly Metacritic with a Average rating of 73 points Although it was much milder overall, the testers also made some tough criticism here, among other things due to technical problems, less than inspiring graphics, low performance and playful weaknesses.

Stand worse in the Metacritic database only Battlefield Hardline (71 points), Battlefield Heroes (69 points) and Battlefield Play4Free (68 points) there. at Opencritic Battlefield 2042 achieved a similarly low 69 points at the same time.

International ratings in the overview

And how do you like Battlefield 2042?

We are also very interested in your opinion on the game, which is why we have created a suitable survey. You can find all the details in the following article:

Battlefield 2042 poll: what's your verdict?


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Battlefield 2042 poll: what’s your verdict?

So far there have already been 6,500 votes, thank you for that! According to the current status, the mood fits in with the overall difficult situation for the game: Only about a quarter of the answers rated the game as very good or Gut.

It remains to be seen to what extent Dice can turn things around with patches. This is exactly the question our shooter experts Dimitry Halley and Phillip Elsner discuss together with the ex-Battlfield guru of GameStar Fabian Siegismund in the podcast:

Link to Podcast content

How do you assess the situation? Can Battlefield 2042 be saved or will it be remembered as one of the worst Battlefield games ever? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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